December 25, 2004 journal, at midnight the Pope appeared on world television and Santa delivered his toys as promised.  The substitute Christian world and the deceived rejoiced.  Today showed on television the National Cathedral of Catholicism promoting the blessed Mother Mary as the idol god mimicking the Christian Church.  I am saddened by what I see as the Antichrist masquerading as the real Christ or visible god to pacify the world and to keep them enslaved to a false religion.  I wish I could say that Protestants are right with God and saved but they are compromised without the power or the anointing of God on their lives, involved in works religion not knowing the glory of God personally themselves.  My Christmas Eve journal of December 24 was not my own idea, I do believe it was a message for God inspired to awaken the people to the disgrace of Santa Claus religion. Another substitute is the substitute of our Republic to a mob democracy that happened so smoothly under Lincoln during the Civil War and the creation of the United States Corp. as a shallow government putting our names in capital letters as inventory of the state just like the Secretary of Defense referred to soldiers in Iraq as inventory, same as property. I am saddened by the flag draped coffins coming home to families all over this country this Christmas and last Christmas as a result of a brain fried idiot maniac in the White House. I did not support our troops to kill innocent helpless people and doing so does not make anyone a patriot. God bless America has fooled a lot of people including Christian people. President Taft turned the interpretation of the Constitution over to the Supreme Court 100 years ago and now we have flexible Law meaning whatever is convenient for them to say. In 1913 the United States currency was turned over to the foreign Federal Reserve banking conspiracy lock, stock and barrel.   We are all prisoners of the world banking system. Artificial Israel rules the world and the Christmas tree has become the symbol a long with Santa Claus to substitute for God in the likeness of Christ and the Bible description of the tree of life. I gladly celebrate the birth of Christ on earth and worship Him as my Lord and God.  I believe in Christ as the son of God and that we are saved through his shed blood as the substitute Lamb of God the Father in heaven, the creator of all life and the universe. When people ask me what Church I go to, I reply none of the above; I am my own church in a personal relationship with God.  People ask what I do meaning ‘my profession’ and I proudly say ‘nothing’.  People want to classify you by where you work and go to Church. Being anti Christmas is being like Scrooge or anti-social resulting in being totally outcast. I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year as I wish for everyday for all people. Someone said that without the last minute many things will not be done. This year a major snowstorm has hit Cincinnati and Indianapolis causing 40 mile traffic jams on Interstate 64 from West Virginia with 24 inches of snow stranding motorists for 24 hours in the cool.

I have discovered a technique to paint water and I am painting waterfalls at present time.

From the Charleston City Paper I quote Will Moredock “Its time we rescue Christ good name from the Christian Right and commit it to social justice and not sully it with political cynicism.  We need a Christian Left to replace greed with charity; arrogance with humility; war with peace; and intolerance with tolerance".  We are far from having an organized Christian Left in this country …I do hear a lot of individuals expressing exactly the same.  One upstate friend is leading an effort she calls The Beatitudes Project. You remember the Beatitudes... "Blessed are the poor in spirit.  Blessed are those who mourn ... Blessed are the meek ...Blessed are the peacemakers."  Those are words you sure did not hear from GW-B or the Christian Right during the recent political season…Why drag Christ into it”