July 29, 2004 journal, the movie Elizabethtown, leaving Louisville, a flood hits hometown. The Brown Hotel covers a city block and all of these Hollywood Production trucks are wrapped all around the hotel.  I had breakfast on the concierge 13th floor and could see Louisville all-around.  The second-floor ballroom is ostentatious in keeping with the entire facility.  Geoff took me to the roof for a panoramic view of the city looking down on the Ohio River.  I'm blessed to be here and meet these people. Geoff took some of my electric look to show the movie company.  As I was leaving the city I drove through miles of a human warehouse complex housing the so-called minority, the poor folks condemned to this lifestyle.  America is a time b9o9m9b waiting to happen.  I drove Eastward on I-64 to Lexington and feeling tired I stopped for lunch at a Waffle House where I watched them cook my eggomelet in hydrogenated oil, the waitress sweep the floor beside me then begin to weep under my table, I offered to leave. This is such impolite conduct for a restaurant. I will never eat at a Waffle House again because of all the hydrogenated oil and margarine on toast.  I will never eat processed bread again anyway, loaf bread because of the MSG. Returning to the road again I stop by Barnes and Noble and was tempted by a chocolate wafer but instead I took a tour using the facilities and then was attracted to a $1.00 book table where I found books that interest me and a treasure in a book entitled Golden Land, 'The story of Jewish Immigration to America', claims to come with Christopher Columbus.  Written by Rabbis Joseph Telushkin with many inserts pasted into the book such as the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States.  I will quote from the book later. I have just received news that a major rain and flood has hit Greenville with a vengeance this morning dropping 8 inches of rain, closing Poinsett highway and washing out bridges and flooding homes and businesses like has never happened before.  The Reedy River rose 17 ft. above flood stage and was very destructive with damaged homes.  This is the storm that did so much damage in Dallas-Fort Worth area yesterday.  What a surprise to people. I drove South on I-75 to Dogpatch at London Kentucky and continued to Corbin where I took hwy 25E through the tunnel under the mountain to Tennessee at Morristown to visit a good friend.  I learned of the terrible flood here in the Berea area where it rained 8 in. in 3 hours created lakes washing cars away, rising in houses that have to now be condemned because the electric is unsafe.  May God have mercy on these people made homeless from the flood as the Red Cross offers assistance and used it for a fundraiser.  I am thankful to God for his mercy and I pray that I may be faithful in trials that have come my way.  I now return to my persecution were I feel more comfortable even though feel alienated from this world and most all its people.  My words are not heard and the visions I see are secret and obscure from others.  I must rely on God because human flesh is unreliable and becoming. I have a bag of raw peanuts which I enjoy eating even from a child but my friend tells me that peanuts all have mold even though you may not be able to see it, that is the nature of the plant and that it causes many health problems.  The label on the bag of peanuts that I purchased listed as a good source of vitamin B.  I am finally convinced that it may be bad. There is so much humanism in the world and in the church today that it discourages me. Just as I think that I understand things a whole new avalanche of information unfolds. Let us look beyond the surface to the facts and have faith in God for true wisdom/knowledge. The governor and Illinois has signed an order forbidding lawsuits against fast-food chains for making people fat.  This is the 12th state with such a restriction.  I would be interested to know if this was instigated by the administration and the politics of these 12 governors.