March 10, 2004 journal, Masonic Temple murder in Patchogue New York is revealing secrets, another attack upon a Masonic Temple in Istanbul Turkey the same day Tuesday.

As people pay $2.20 per gallon for gasoline in San Diego Californian and the dollar falls, we're seeing the beginning of the end of this day of grace and the destruction of the system is at hand.Long lines of gay people seeking a state marriage license is another sign of the end time.More reporting on altruism due to vaccination.More local killings are reported and shootings.We are filling prisons with innocent people while the guilty are in control.I predict we will see martial law very soon and concentration camps for large volumes of innocent people.The Catholic democratic candidate was caught saying "They are the biggest bunch of liars and crooks" this is the pot calling the kettle black.The Pope needs a Boston Catholic in charge to compensate for the trouble pedophile priest have created in the Boston Archdiocese molesting kids for centuries and now facing huge financial losses. Albert Eid is charged with manslaughter after shooting a victim to death with a pistol in the face during another Satanic Masonic initiation ritual wherein they used a g-u-n that is supposedly loaded with blank bullets. They say this was an accident for he used the wrong g-u-n.They also used rattraps according to the Newsweek Society reports available on the Internet."Induction ceremonies were not supposed to go this way.William James, 47, was killed-shot in the face, during his induction into a Masonic Lodge Patchogue New York Monday.The shooter, a 76 year-old World War II Veteran named Albert Eid, was supposed to fire a 22 caliber handgun with blanks at the pledge, instead, he grabs the 32 caliber gun with live ammunition he was carrying in his other pocket.A freak accident, claim the Mason's (James induction ritual was also to have involved large rattraps, a 6 ft. replica guillotine and a plank he would have been forced to walk). But instead of every thing proceeding cloaked in the usual secrecy, the Fellow Crafts Club, a fringe group of the Southside Masonic Lodge No. 493, flung its umbrella organization, the Freemasons, into a very un-secret national spotlight.The modern incarnation of Freemasons date back to 1717 with the founding of the first Grand Lodge of England, rooted in the guilds of medieval stonemasons to who would pass their trade secrets on to each other through handshakes and passwords that serve as proof of their skill level". The Mason's claim to have built Solomon's Temple and they worship the sun god of Egypt they call him Osiris. "Freemasons played a visible role in the American Revolution, the Constitutional Congress and the signing of the Declaration of independence.Benjamin Franklin, George Washing-ton and Andrew Jackson were all Masons.So were Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Duke Ellington.Al Gore is a Mason.So is Jesse Jackson and Gerald Ford.The symbols on the US currency-that floating eyeball-pyramid thing, for example-are Masonic allusions to Masonic figures such as Hiram Abiff, the builder of King Solomon's Temple.It is perhaps little wonder, then, that conspiracy theorist and satirist are drawn to the secret society like bears to honey."The Simpsonís" famously spoofed the Fraternal Order in its stonecutters episode, featuring a song that included the lyrics: Who keeps the Metric system down?/ we do! we do/ Who leaves Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps?/ we do we do/ who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Gutten-berg a star?/ We do, we do. But is the group that brought the modern world Fez-doffing Shriners really something to fear or even scorn?"This information is misleading.They are quick to use Jesse Jackson's name.Actually, no blacks or women are admitted into Masons, they have substitute organizations for blacks and women. God reveals secrets.