May 12, 2004 journal, breast cancer getting younger, artificial foods, junk food in schools. A report today on NBC reveals a result of a study that women are getting breast cancer at a very young age now.  Another report from a study of vending machines in schools reveal that much of the package food have no nutritional value. To interpret that language I must say that kids are getting sugar and food coloring making them hyperactive and unruly. The vending machine vendors pay a percentage of the money scavengered off the kids to the school.  Every packaged product will have preservatives such as monosodium glutamate. What is truly amazing is that we're not all dead already considering we have consumed this stuff for so long.  I am not at all surprised that younger women have breast cancer now.  I think of diet drinks as the culprit number-one because NutraSweet is made from mixing 2 powerful proteins together making a substance two hundred times sweeter than sugar. NutraSweet is made from the most dangerous ingredients in my opinion that anyone could put in their bodies and if it gets hot it is said to convert to formaldehyde becoming deadly. We need to board up the grocers' stores and quick stand convenience stores that sell the soda pops and start over with pure water and garden organic foods eaten mostly raw. We need to stop eating animals and stop feeding animals hormones to grow them so fast.  The diet I have observed is still working leaving off sugar, bread and potatoes.  There is however much more to be observed and practiced by those serious about better health. Nicholas Byrd was beheaded in Iraq and that is certainly a shame and I sympathize with his family.  Only tonight did they identify Nicholas Byrd as a Jew.  They have been saying he was an American and I'm sure he was an American citizen but the Arab people knew he was Jewish and he should not have been in Iraq at all anymore than we should be there.

The Jewish people know their lives are in danger in Iraq and in most all the Arab nations. Tonight NBC News announced that someone has accused the CIA of killing Byrd to take the focus off the shameful acts in Baghdad prisons of stripping the detainees naked for information.  I seldom ever listen to the news or watch television but the liberal press will sometimes tell on themselves without meaning to reveal secrets of their hidden agenda.

Major media is in the same boat with the New World Order and one world government.

There is a book entitled 'Bloodlines of The Illuminati' that I recommend for ones reading.

Today my Holocaust series of 9 paintings was displayed here at the house on chains.

The switching unit for the sun roof and the lights on my car are designed to throw away.  I no longer recommend a sun roof because it costs about $700 to fix when the motor goes bad.  I asked a mechanic why it could not be closed manually and he said if it could be that people would never get it repaired.  American automobile manufacturers have conspired I believe to defraud the public and compromised safety.  I believe people are safer in a car that has manual windows that have the old fashion crank handles and no sunroof to break down and cause major expense.  Most people cannot afford it at all.  Designed for profit. The 1000 pictures did not just surface suddenly, they were there all the time as standard procedure and too graphic to show on television. This is Watergate for this administration and people are turning off in disgust.  Another 911 and all the world will be in Chaos. The blame must go to the one man that had the power to order this war and started all of this. The White House wants to limit the pictures being shown to those already shown and the doctors want to limit liability loss cases so their insurance premiums will not be so high.  Everyone wants their own thing.  We are near losing the right to sue.  If doctors were not operating for money then they would not need the hellish high insurance to protect them.