September 25, 2004 journal, you cannot serve 2 masters, choose ye which you will serve.

Will you serve God or Satan? If you have taken the secret oath to serve Satan through the Mason Lodge then your service to God through Christ is nil and void! There is no 2 ways about it.  You are saved or you are lost.  God will not share with the devil.  The Supreme powerful of this world is through the secret order and the ungodly oath to Satan required for induction into all Masonic Temple Lodges or their affiliated interactive and associated

fraternities including the most elite Skull and Bones from the tomb at Yale University, that is where they worship skulls. I cannot vote for a member of Skull and Bones organization as a Christian individual that must decide my position with God Almighty for all eternity.  Give me liberty or give me death from this plague that follows generations of descendants. The church today is heavily infiltrated with these covered faces bearing secrets which God deplores clearly as he does unnatural relationships and same flesh unions of man's desires. I must speak my heart and mind, my soul and conscious as my duty to God Almighty to whom I owe my life, my creation, my birth and my eternal and final reward of Heaven. Do you think the country will fall apart if you fail to vote for one candidate or the other? I have news for you, it already has fallen apart. Your vote for pagan idolatry A or pagan idolatry B is not going to making any difference.  Someone asked on television national CNN broadcast this morning if they thought storms in Florida would effect the election? The answer was no not at all, the Supreme Court is in Washington.  Hurricane Ivan is still blasting Texas with 45 mi. per hour winds as a renegade runaway storm that will not die. Now that God has revealed to me the truth about who is who and what is what in this old world, I must act accordingly. When a man is committed first to Satan through the Lodge or the tomb and has taken the pagan oath then everything he does in the church is routine in the procedure, he can have no personal victorious relationship with God whatsoever.  The joy of my salvation is greater than any words can describe.  Thank God my father was not a Mason therefore I was not inducted into this demonic society of ruler-ship through the Demolay or directly into the devil's Temple Lodge or any related fraternities that now include the Sigma Nu Society which is just another name for secret orders fraternity ditto. God will have a separate people free of the oaths and bonds of Satan.  Let no man be fooled in his own priorities and miss the boat of a greater life than the human mind can ever imagine.  Those who teach, preach and exploit the so-called rapture of man made doctrine are also guilty of changing God's Holy Word.  Where are we to all be raptured? Christ will return and rule on earth so why not stay in place and be in that great reception? Those who plan war and destruction of human life will die by the same sword.  There will be no war hero's in Heaven or with God on earth.  There will be no politicians in Heaven or in the millennium of peace on earth because they have all committed to Satan through the secret fraternities selling their souls to the devil for money and power on earth.  Come out from among them saith the lord and be ye separate.  We have no responsibility for evil rulers of this earth. Let the blind lead the blind.  Presidents are only puppets for the secret orders and the Illuminati Federal Reserve leadership of the New World Order of Satan. We do not need a bungling B-u-s-h brother or a Catholic Kerry in office as a figurehead. Let the prophets of Baal worship idols of iron and clay while God's enlightened people worship the true and living savior blessing our lives with His glory and giving us joy and peace daily.  My vision is of God and not Satan as I have been redeemed through Christ. They make it sound as if when we kill one more leader in Iraq it will be over but not true.