April 25, 2006 journal, revelation of truth for a world in crisis as holy wars rage and the modern homogenized church is into facilitating the Babylonian Antichrist Zionist religion. We are on the verge of total collapse & destruction of the Christian faith through political

support for a wolf in sheeps clothing and deception of the Christian right sacrificing them-selves on the altar of Baal.  We that would know the truth are consumed in silence on the issues that bury us under tons of confusion while we compromise and tolerate the Kabala or Talmud as a legitimate religion of all our Zionist captors that have plans for our future depopulation.  Secret societies of the Illuminati cooperating with the Masonic Temple and its international union of fraternities including the Knights of Columbus and the Knights of Malta to install a new world order for a utopia of Satanic forces spilling the blood of the innocent of the world and particularly the elimination of Christianity.  I am trying to paint a picture for myself and others to see the light on where we stand and what to expect in the future. To know the future we must know the past and we must know the present.  I have hinted a number of times before that Michael Chertoff was like Hitler as a Russian Jewish lawyer and now head of Homeland Security/FEMA.  A photograph showing him meeting with Jewish Lubavitcher rabbis meeting at the Whit*hous*.  Chertoff in Russian means "Devil's own".  He was a Justice Department prosecutor and is well known as a Christian h-a-ter.  Thank Jewish old occult Rabbi Lubavitcher for instituting the 7 Noahide Laws which precede Moses and the 10 Commandments and is now the law of the land in America known as ‘Education Day USA’, bill of senior Bu*sh 1991.  Christ is considered a false god and is punishable if worshipped under this Law with decapitation.  The blood bath presently in progress is the Mafia Zionist New World Order mandate on its schedule with the intention to cleanse the earth of all Protestant Christianity.  The Catholic Church has suckered the Luthern's back into their world of idolatry while courting the Protestants looking for places to knife in their back considering all them as heretics.  Judaism reigns in the Whit* H*use with its own revolving door.  Through this a side deal of Secret Orders based in Freemason and interactive with the 1776 birth of the Illuminati, world domination has been affected.  The occult religious Edomites Zionist neo conservative Rulers of Evil having a stranglehold on America are proceeding to carry out their agenda for a utopia bearing their Kabalah law of Babylonian mythology as their bibical viable substitute while using to death of America to destroy their cousin enemies in the Middle East.  Even if we collaborate with the third theology in the five books of Moses studied by the true J-e-ws called the Torah, we will have done God a big disservice by denying the Old Testament Prophets and Yesu Christ the Redeemer of a glorious New Testament Word of God.  It may not be possible to awaken a dead church to study learn and know the real truth that the power Satan has now mastered over us.  This is the whore of Babylon with all its little harlots following suit.  What is at the roots of this debacle of America and the world and who rules the roost and gives the oil mens orders to slay the earth with our military might, it's not Americans at all in charge.   To quote Texe Marrs in Power of Prophecy "Rituals, numerology, astrology and other such factors is commonplace. Man-made wars and these catastrophes, human sacrifices, holocaust are invariably planned and executed by key dates and times based on numerology's and astrology, and preselected religious factors, and on occult ritual.  2006 a key year-the year 2006, for example seems to be very important and significant in the Illuminati system of things.  June 6, 2006 is calculated numerologically as 6-6-6. That date falls in the mists of pagan and Masonic veneration of the planet Venus.”