August 22, 2006 journal, Pat Buchanan accuses President of economic treason on NBC Today show today by letting in imports to take American jobs at half the pay, it is time all those hard-core Republicans acknowledge that this country is in a economic tailspin and we have no capacity to pass out money like the Romans did just to see the peasants scramble over it. We are sinking deeper into never never land without any solutions now. We have now appropriated $230 million for the rebuilding of Lebanon. At this point this may not make much difference how much money we print and spend with our collapsing job base wages and economy. The Fed will never be paid back other than seizing all the assets of every American. This country has gone hog wild in security but he says stay the course or else they will follow us here. That is an absolute lie and this government thrives on lies. To see him out there on Monday morning babbling to the press you know there s trouble. I have today completed day 6 of 7 Days of Creation for the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore Md. for their October 6 opening of their annual show. The painting will hang permanently in their sculpture barn. What a privilege to paint God's creation. I have suffered everything the devil could throw at me doing this painting but I have come through and look forward to finishing it by the end of August before shipping it to them. American people have stretched their psychy. Wonder if Carl Rove approved that statement. What does he care about the American people? He is calling back 2500 Marines to continue his slaughter of Iraq sacrificing American lives. John McCain today spoke out accusing the bullish administration of fooling the American people by not telling them what a mess this country might get into in the Arabian Desert wars. This treasonous lunatic ignores North Korea but threatens to attack Iran for 2 reasons, Iran has lots of oil and Iran is near Israel. This miserable little bloodthirsty maniac serial killer answers to a foreign government. Only Abraham Lincoln has killed more people in his invasion of the South to save the union. Race was not an issue when the war began. The seceding south was attacked because states were seceding from the union and refused to pay the export tax on that slave picked cotton going to the northern states. It is hard to believe that the tyrants such as these can be glorified in having their past erased from the history books of this country and made saints. The Bible says that if you clean up a pig he will return to his wallow. I do not expect the American people to see the light before it is too late to save this nation. We are cursed from church and state by God who sure knew already that we would go frolicking off after idolatry religion and follow a dumbfounded leader to the pit. This is the dividing of the spoil when government rewards contracts to their corporate buddies with taxpayer funds. Stay the course and keep the billions flowing into Halliburton until the bank is broken and America is in financial ruin. These dumb bells do not know or care of the consequences. It will all be over soon when the money fails. We are the problem in Iraq and why do not we come home and let those people run their country in the way they like since we cannot change a thing but we can be killed physically in person and corporately in government. There is a limit to how much we can spend of Fiat money and get by without the world finding out that the U.S. dollar is just thin air backed only by the ruling Masonic pyramid idol printed there on. The day of the dollar has seen its best time and it will now be in accelerating decline. All this fuss over the Ramsey case while they air out sex predators on the Internet leading up to the control of the Internet and of course taxing e-mail's which is their final goal. This is the same as the tax liquor to control it while they serve it readily even to airline pilots before they fly.