December 02, 2006 journal, we are living in the days of dramatic change and artificial Health and Welfare as we try to extend the grace period hoping we are still free citizens. In order that they may be filthy rich a majority of American citizens are dirt poor getting poorer by the day as American jobs fade away into never never land and politicians go around raving like bloodthirsty vampires in murder mystery novels all of make belief and warmed over rhetoric. My God deliver us from all lying, crooked and stealing politicians. Wal-Mart's heyday may be declining with their sales reported down and their desperate efforts to increase volume over last year. I wondered how long their magic would last in making them the world's largest retailer. Their disgraceful average wage of $7 an hour is not enough to attract the best workers. Their purchase policies have become more and more oppressive requiring a full guarantee of the sale of every product by their suppliers. From my experience Wal-Mart treats their customers like second-class citizens and they may be second-class citizens to shop at Wal-Mart. God help if you ever have to return a gift to Wal-Mart, you are punished by standing in a long line to return or exchange things. I say that if you are going to give me a gift do not purchase it from Wal-Mart because it will not fit and I refuse to exchange it. I do all my gift shopping in 5 minutes simply by patronizing my checkbook to write a check individually to ever person whom I give gifts. Smarter merchants are online now and deliver immediately without ever leaving a home.

Nothing is forever but Wal-Mart is unusual to have experienced steady growth as Kmart fell apart and American automakers declined in bankruptcy becoming second rate as we see this nation now becoming second rate or third-world with almost total dependence on imports to supply our basic needs even in car manufacturing inferior parts. Heaven is sure but all earthly empires will fail and we are about to see that big time before our very eyes. This system is totally corrupt and given over to devils, it is beyond repair and hooked to a failing economic system with the declining dollar soon to not be worth as much as the paper it is written on. I received my DVD Te*rrorstorm movie from and watched it seeing the frightening truth of whats going on in this country as it goes to hell. Tomorrow I will comment on the movie documentary made by Alex Jones Austin Texas. After about four years they released a video of an explosion reportedly at the Pentagon. That does not prove a thing. If a TV monitor camera was an action to capture expl*osion, it would have captured the plane approaching the Pentagon. The grounds are high around that side the Pentagon so a plane would have needed to have come almost straight down. The 3rd building was imploded at 5.20 that afternoon confessed to be at Larry Silvermans orders. The movie says they don't begin to touch this subject which they cannot explain. I am 100% convinced that this was a conspiracy between Israel and the un-United States. The 7-7-5 attack on London was also a hoax to save Tony Blairs failing political career, witnesses said the explosion came from underneath the train and most said the attackers were victims of the British government totally unaware of the plot. The passenger bus in the attack was called off course by the police and was not on the scheduled route board. The movie reveals that articles for the Baghdad newspapers are actually written here in the United States, that freedom is a sham or empty subject because any newspaper that publishes anything else other than administration propaganda gets arrested and 30 years. With all the defense money spent through the years and the mighty pentagram Pentagon fully operational that fateful morning not one plane took to the sky to defend this country. It is unbelievable that we have been told that our defenses would go in action in seconds.