December 7, 2006 journal, autism is in the news and I believe is caused by vaccinations. The study group reports that the Pentagon under reports the vio*lence in Iraq. Of course, they do not report the number wounded on a daily basis and indeed, all those who die at home from their wounds would surely be many more than 3000. How many have died in Afghanistan? Today we remember Pearl Harbor and that it was no surprise to those in the government. Back to autism, how much evidence do they need that vaccinations is the culprit yet, rather than to confront the sacred chemical industry of lodge brothers, they spend millions in research for the cause and cure of autism which affects boys more than girls by four to one. One out of every 166 children have autism in this country. Look at other countries that do not have vaccinations. We have controlled news in this country from the home front to the battlefield and beyond. Trans fats are artificial man-made fats which acts as a preserver and flavoring same as MSG if it is not simply a form of MSG. Pour it through a clear tube and it will stop up immediately when it gets cool the same as it will eventually in your bloodstream. New York finally did something right to band it. Along with a 2% increase in sales tax on prepared food for this county the city will have a band on smoking 2007- overall and that is one thing they've done right in all these years. The truth is known about Iraq and the lies that got us into this mess but who will get us out. I pray the Lord deliver this nation from artificial fake make believe Christians doing business as politicians under the cover of the "Christian Right" while being demonic Left. If I were having kids today I would want to do it in a foreign country not requiring awful vaccinations. I believe vaccinations to be the cesspool of dangerous experimentations. The funeral and graveyard industry is indebted to the processed food industry for making their growth and adding to the GNP gross national product of the United States helping to make the dollar strong and keep it strong so we can do battle with the Middle East to help Israel eliminate their enemies that God has planted there himself through Abram/Ishmael. We've gone too far in this war interfering in other country's business and now we pay the price of our aggression. 11 soldiers dead yesterday, and how many will be killed today? A nation that waste its future in abortion will waste its youth in meaningless war to enrich the wealthy with oil and taxpayer dollars going to major corporations such as Halliburton. Why not hold those guilty responsible? What is that guy's name that claimed there were weapons of mass destruction? It starts with a B. The whole blooming administration is guilty of war crimes and should be tried in The Hague for what they have done in wasting America and killing up to a million people in Iraq and displacing another million in their evil process. May God bring misery and repentance to their evil lowdown and murdering. May God awaken the church and even the earthly so-called church to realize they are not following God when they follow the GOP wholesale blindly approving everything they do. The so-called Christian Right are following the GOP propaganda right up to the gates of hell not realizing that there's not a dime's worth of difference between them and their opponents under the title of Democrats. The GOP has now proven to be even worse than the Democrats in this one-party nation of non democracy and the never has been republic. True Christians are neither Democrat or Republican, they are the party of God Almighty. Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's. Give political power to Caesar and serve God only. If you are of Caesar you are already condemned to hellfire. We have become dependent upon the government and we are eating out of their trough. Let us separate ourselves from the world & communicate only with great God Almighty.