December 8, 2006 journal, John McCain is dealing with the U.S. Marines second defeat, he’s trying to avoid a double disaster of defeated morale because the U.S. Marines cannot fail. He is trying to avoid what happened in Vietnam when we cut & run to save our hide. The enemy in Iraq has a new weapon that penetrates our tanks and our soldiers are dying. Anyone still holding out to stay in Iraq most likely has something personal to gain or hide in terms of war profit. The American people are sick of this war and ready for it to end. The f 35 and 45 stelt aircraft is shown on The History Channel as self guided aircraft with one pilot on the ground flying 4 aircraft in the air. Who said they needed pilots on those aircraft that hit the towers? We have had remote aircraft for many years now as pilotless. The diversionary secret projects could easily fool the American people even the military. John McCain is living in the past dreaming of victory unrealistically while the war is lost. Republican U.S. Senator Gordon Smith from Oregon has condemned Iraq war as wrong, calling for immediate withdrawal of our troops, a move that was applauded by Democrats that largely oppose the war anyway. More and more Republicans now come out against the war. We are losing more troops than ever and today we leveled an apartment building in Baghdad killing 21 people and claiming that two women were ter*rorists which makes it OK somehow to kill them. How would we know if they are not especially after they are dead? Nothing was mentioned about the children. Public Radio reported an effort being underway to prosecute government officials on torture charges for ordering it or even for allowing it. Donald Rumsfeld may be the first one in line. We're committing awful brutal crimes over there everyday, those responsible for this war should all go to jail permanent. House Ethics Committee clears all its body of any wrongdoing in the Foley Page case. You are witnessing the destruction of a nation coming apart at the seams before our eyes. The chickens are coming home to roost in Washington as they pull out dead bodies from the Tigris River in Baghdad up to 70 per day. The war study committee has condemned this failed policy but the war goes on. This bloody war has consumed America altogether. This nation is operated by a bunch of thugs worse than the Mafia transporting dead bodies to or from Iraq and Afghanistan caring not how many they kill of ours or theirs. They care not about freedom and liberty for anybody, that's just grandstanding. The real motive for this war is to enrich the rich Illuminati that owns and operates the Federal Reserve Bank. The buzz words they use like war on ter*ror and freedom for the Iraqi people is a scam. Who in his right mind would think we could change the mentality of a religion thats 1300 years old? We're talking about the entire Arab world and the Koran with 1 billion people. The Illuminati with its global control through the money plans to reduce the population of this universe by 80 percent according to the Guide Stones Over Georgia at Alberton, Ga. The one world government will not use the dollar because is too deep in debt. The Euro dollar will most likely be the universal currency. The oil producing countries will change anytime now to buying oil in Eurodollars. God help those dependent on money that day. I was invited to the Christmas party and luncheon at the new Greenville Mental Health Center because I donated to them a special painting they commissioned of waterfalls I call living water 9 by 15 ft. now hanging in their lobby. A choir of 30 people sang many songs of Christmastime, they call themselves Voices of Hope. I was greatly inspired by it. It felt like church and there was a genuine spirit of true diligence so obvious in the midst.