December 10, 2006 journal, the blind cheetah the fastest animal on earth is like the USA at 70 miles an hour traveling to destruction through the wars where we are the aggressors. Wake-up folks and read your Bible prophecy from Daniel in Old testament to Revelation. You will see the armies gathered in coalition against God Almighty for whatever reason. Read Revelation 16-16, you will see the Battle of Armageddon happening as prophesied. A blind cheetah can still hunt & they're studying to find out why some of them are blind. The cheetah can run 70 miles an hour and so can this country with all of its superior war materials destroying everything in its path but look at the consequences when the day is over. We have destroyed Iraq and have nothing better to offer them than what they had which was life. They were a living nation and now they are a dead nation not able to walk their streets. Up to half the nation will most likely starve to death when we leave with all our millions. We let an nincompoop fool us into invading of an Arab sovereign country. Now this nation is in turmoil as Iraq is in chaos without any hope whatsoever of survival.

For 4 years everything has been focused on Iraq and certainly our money going to kill and be killed, to war and destruction. Our aim is to kill innocent people if they get in the way. We fire off at targets without knowing who is living there and let the Iraqis bury the dead. We are chasing at 70 miles an hour wide-open killing people in their sleep that have no protection from us like our sophisticated military hardware and night vision. The image of this war is the U.S. soldiers kicking down doors and torturing their prisoners to death. I want to talk about happy things but we are at war on the innocent mixed with some guilty over their assets. We are not at war to keep America free or for any concern for people of the Middle East for which we could care less for if we did we would not kill them. Death by war is permanent. I expect natural disasters to increase and judgment to come upon this nation in a hurry to destroy the will to make war and to kill those innocent people. I expect that the plan is already underway by God to eliminate Hitler like people that have staged all-out war in the name of the American people with support from the blind evangelicals and they need to get on their knees and pray for so much forgiveness. Who has led the evangelical church astray to go whoring off after a model Antichrist??? Godlessness is rampant in this country as we justify murder of foreigners over nothing. For more than 50 years we have installed losers such as Castro and the Shawl of Iran, even Saddam and supported him in the war against Iran and giving him weapons of mass destruction. We installed the president of Chile resulting in that bloodbath. We installed a replacement for the Republic of Panama after we removed their leader. Now we have installed a new government in Iraq which will be just as bad as the last president of Iraq. When will we learn to leave other countries alone and let God fight our war battles for us. We are that blind cheetah racing off in the darkness blind as a bat as the blind leading the blind which the Bible says will wind up in the ditch. God I pray to be delivered from this mess that is killing people daily in the name of American citizens that disapprove of war. The last pitch of Romney over there to the troops saying they are saving us from another attack is a lie. It is my opinion that they are making another attack more likely to come on America. What if the conspiracy theory is correct that America attacked ourselves? I am unconvinced that those Arabs flew those planes into those buildings without help. Time may not tell the story but logic will & there’s something bad wrong with the secret they have of that day. You can read the face of Dick Cheney and tell very clearly that he has the story in that conning little mind of his. Do not be fooled by all of their rhetoric.