December 31, 2006 journal, America on its last leg in war or peace and Iran is our target. The Christian church has followed off after Moloch & God has promised to remove them. The drums of propaganda are sounding and the smoke signals are rising as United States executes one of the many world dictators which we have used to fight the battle on Iran. This country is being used now to fight the potential enemies of Israel and we are bossed by Israel in Congress. I must tell you the truth from the bottom of my heart what God has revealed to me. What is going on is leading us to Armageddon and it will only get much worse until we see Christ coming to sweep it all away and make a new day of total peace. So, who is the worst tyrant, the living or the dead? If the American people ever find out who done it on nine1one there may be other heads roll. Cheney sounded so religious in a speech at the Ford funeral until one might think he was a saint. It was Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz that planned the catastrophic attack and that I want to make truly clear.

Dick Cheney is the acting president of United States while B*us*h is a figurehead puppet with no brain action whatsoever. It is this situation that is the very most dangerous of all. The meltdown of this country is surely leading us to anarchy and chaos all over the world. The cancer in the Capitol is so far immune to prosecution until the American people get enough or until the dollar collapses and we realize that we have been taken into slavery. I pray for God to enlighten us to our wrong direction and enable us to separate ourselves from this Moloch idolatry government and church of the Antichrist doing Satan's service. I want to say for the record that the war on ter*ror is phony and coming to no good end. The so-called war on ter*or is only an excuse to wage war on the world for the neocons. War generates a big slush fund for Cheney's Halliburton and adds to our Gross National Product to strengthen the dollar so that it may live a little longer and to make them richer. As a child I saw chickens get their heads cut off on the chopping block and their bodies would run and shake for a minute but the head stayed still. Now they bleed them to death which may be more merciful. This country is being bled to death from all directions and especially by the wars. 150 wars rage in the world today but we only hear about one or 2. I have a rare opportunity of painting on obscure surfaces the latest messages and the flag sinking into the dung mire of blood and guts Waste Land that is a one-way street to hell. Let this world not rejoice and get drunk tonight but prepare for a coming great crisis when this country goes belly up because they have forgotten God and turned to bloody sacrifice. In the Book of Esther, Haman built a gallows to hang the people God but he instead hung on his own gallows because of the bravery of Esther and the truth. All those then wishing to be saved should separate themselves from politics first otherwise they are preaching to the idol of Moloch with his mouth of fire and suffering the penalties that are promised to Israel that I will separate you beyond Babylon. The Book of Esther, he built for Mordecai. Who is bombing Thailand with several going off today in Bangkok and killing 2 people. MSNBC showed the documentary film Super Size Me and the producer ate McDonald's food are 30 days and gained 25 lbs. plus he put himself in danger of death consuming a pound of sugar per day and felt awful. May God change our bad eating habits in 2007. Washington D.C. is a buzzard roost for every flesh eating bird and disrupting global war. 111 soldiers killed in December in Iraq and 3,000 altogether with 23,000 wounded, vain. Nation committing innocent people to death in the war and desire for world domination. Come out from among them”. A million people in Time Square for the dropping of the Waterford ball, a hotel room reportedly will cost $1200 tonight to stay in New York City.