February 2, 2006 journal, proclamation of utopianism and millennialism by Jack Douglas. For a one world "B*us*h's Proclamation of Utopianism And Millennialism "Abroad, our nation is committed to an historic, long-term goal-we seek to end tyranny in our world."-G B*h, State of The Union, Jan. 31, 2006.  "Prophecy is an essential element in the new technique of rulership. The most improbable or even impossible promises are made; the millennium is predicted over and over again." --Ernst Cassirer, The Myth Of The State. G Bu*sh's earlier Utopian Plans for America have proven disastrous, been discarded like total clunkers at a junk yard, or dressed up in slightly new garb and proclaimed once again as America's Destiny. The Democratization of the Middle East and the Total Victory Over Terrorism in Sixty Nations have proven disastrous, so they have pared down, rewrapped, re-proclaimed total independence from Middle Eastern Oil has led to more dependency, so the earlier rewrapping is rewrapped and proclaimed in more grandiose terms. Social scien-tists found decades ago that the more millennial prophesies by true believers fail, the more they believe in them in slightly rewrapped editions. The Second Coming didn't arrive on the date prophesized? Not to worry! Change the date & act like nothing has gone wrong. The True Believers have closed minds, so they hardly notice. They go right on marching to the millennial beat, right off the deep end. Most Americans remain "show me" Pragma-tists and have little truck with these True Believers. But they are the half or more of peop-le who have tuned out, don't listen to B*sh's millennial proclamations, and scoff when told about them. The other half are divided among the True Believer fundamentalists and born again greedsters, the intelligent corporate and media cynics who want to "promise em any-thing" to get the payoffs, the science and technology types who think America has gone off the deep end. It's the 1st two large minorities who support B*us*h enough to provide the fawning applause and kickbacks to provide the rapidly sinking minority support in the polls which he keeps trying to puff up with more black walnut that all of that the best looking good friend and all of them a few of proclamations and payoffs. Last night's "State Of The Union" proclamations were an extreme example of B*us*h's appeal to the Irration-al Exuberance of Utopianism & Millennialism over reason and brutal reality. Since Amer-ica is driving itself into a Financial Black Hole to rid the world of Ter*rorism, but has wound up sinking into a vast quagmire and is losing its war against the Muslim guerillas (so that two-thirds of Americans now tell pollsters U.S. troops should simply quit and come home), Bush made a more extreme leap into Irrational Exuberance. He committed us all, including us Pragmatists who do not want to march to Praetoria with the True Be-lievers, to an eternal ("historic, long-term") goal of ending tyran*ny in our world. He did not simply promise to pay any cost or bear any burden to end Communism, or proclaim a Permanent World War Against The Evil One Terr*orists. No.  He appeared to get totally carried away on a pink cloud of madness and proclaimed a Permanent World War To End All Tyranny--all governments that are corrupt and deceitful and betray their people. The cynical scientists and techies will moan, "Wow, talk about being hoist by you own petard!" Bu*sh and his Party are obviously totally corrupt, deceitful, betraying us all, and overthro-wing the Constitution.  So, is he planning a vast Party Suicide Celebration for America, a day on which all of the totally corrupt, deceitful, criminal politicians overthrowing the Constitution will commit hara-kiri on TV? Of course not. Even if he were to remain com-pletely consistent, rather than deceiving us once again like he has always done before, he would have to fight an eternal war against foreign tyrannies first and only commit Party”.