February 18, 2006 journal, my study of the protocols of the Elders of Zion, quoting from The Conspiracy Against Me, Author-The Demiurge Guest. (Some interesting facts below) "I've finally managed to figure it out. And finally, everything is clear. It all makes absolute sense, and has revealed to me every problem I have ever had. It begins with the DEVIL, of course, as all things evil do. By tracing his line to CAIN, I have discovered that he is also directly related to the INDO-EUROPEANS. The DEVIL, then, is also connected to the BIBLICAL GIANTS, which we know were HITTITES, who were INDOEUROPE-ANS. And also PAGANS. CAIN, if we read the Bible accurately, fathers the ARAB race. The GIANT HITTITES then draw down to the foundation of the RELIGION OF BABY-LON, which is connected through Israel and The Roman Empire to the descendants of Christ, the French MEROVINGIAN Kings. However, there is a split on Babylon's ancient empire, that ties it not only to the MEROVINGIANS, but DIRECTLY to the HINDUS, who we all know are PAGANS, as were the HITTITES, who were INDO-EUROPEANS, who are a branch of the family tree of CAIN, and therefore, the DEVIL! But don't think I'm done yet! The ancient BABYLONIAN religion tied though the MEROVINGIANS and the HINDUS, formed THE PROTOCALLS Of THE ELDERS OF ZION, a devious sect that was formed in an effort to control religion and Israel. This PAGAN movement is related to a PAGAN holy day, known as EASTER and therefore THE EASTER BUNNY, and disguised it's meaning with false Christianity. THE PROTOCOLS Of ELDERS OF ZION then founded the ILLUMINATI, who bred an ARABic co-sect, the ISMAILIANS. These two sects tie back up to the ARABS, after the ILLUMINATI spent time in the Temple of Solomon in Israel, and worked together in an anti-semetic plot. In an effort to corrupt Christianity, the ILLUMINATI and the ISMAIL-IANS, working with the Coca-Cola company, developed the modern view of SANTA CLAUS, who is tied to the THE PROTOCALLS Of THE ELDERS OF ZION through the YELLOW PERIL. SANTA CLAUS ties all the way back up to the PAGANS religion through his ELVES, though the purple monstrosity, BARNEY, a vile pedophile who once admitted that the TV Show's were ELVES. ELVES, tied to SANTA CLAUS, who is part of old PAGAN RELIGION-S, and therefore BARNEY is also tied to PAGANS. This hardly scratches the surface of the vast Conspiracy. THE PROTOCALLS Of THE ELDERS OF ZION then set the stage for the formation of the ROSICRUCIANS, a CATHOLIC organization who has ties to ELVIS. Yes, ELVIS was a ROSICRUCIAN. Most people now realize that the King did not die, but was abducted by ALIENS, whom THE POPE has known about for some time. THE POPE sits on a throne with an inverted cross, a symbol of SATANISM, to which PAGANISM is tied to through ELVES, therefore completing the link between SATANISM and SANTA CLAUS. ELVIS who founded modern ROCK AND ROLL with the help of ALIENS is tied through ROCK AND ROLL to the FREE LOVE movement, an offshoot of THEOSOPHY, which was spread like wildfire through the liberal half of THE MEDIA, which is controlled by PROTOCALLS Of THE ELDERS OF ZION, and therefore also controlled by THE EASTER BUNNY. It is well known that pagan EASTER was injected into Christianity by the TEMPLARS, and founded by the CATHARS, who were CATHOLIC. The TEMPLARS were a part of the organization from northern Europe known as the MASONS, who came from the ISMAILIANS, the ARABIC sect of the ILLUMINATI. Therefore, the ARABS are once again tied into the TEMPLARS through the SHRINERS, As a disclaimer, I do not understand the aliens!