February 22, 2006 journal, the end may be nearer than we think, gobble gobble giveaway.

First the military in the hands of the United Nations and now the ports are to be operated by foreigners. The national debt is at an all time high while America's struggles to pay high gas bills.  A showdowns developing between Congress & this ridiculous Ruler, over ports. January 21, 2006 Collapse of U.S. Economy Imminent. "In its attempt to establish a world empire dominating every nation on the planet, the U.S. has exhausted its ability to finance the expansion and the country now faces an imminent financial collapse. From all indicat-ions, it looks like 2006 will spell the end for America.  Consider these 5 important points: Point #1 The U.S., Great Britain and Israel are preparing to attack Iran. As it appears the main reason for invading Iraq was to stop it from selling oil in Euros, likewise, Iran has plans to dump the dollar come March 2006.  First Reference: I did back up this story with the story I posted below entitled: "The Story About Oil You Need to Hear" at:
<mparent 777.livejournal.com/5423337.html>http://mparent7777.livejournal.com/5423337.html When you read this story click on all the referenced links provided. This is information that is not being told. Second Reference: From the link: bricksinthewalls.blogspot.com/20 0...html <http://bricksinthewalls.blogspot.com/2005/12/story-about-oil-you-need-to-hear. html> We read: "This story was included a post entitled the Top Censored Stories under number 9:
Iran's New Oil Trade System Challenges U.S. Currency. I'm posting it because I believe it's important enough to deserve a post of its own. It could very well be the real reason the administration is banging their war drums again. And it may also be one reason we went into Iraq, since they were trying to do the same as Iran is now." Third Thru Sixth References: For further confirmation go to:
www.7gen.com/topics/politics/free-trade http://www.7gen.com/topics/politics/free-trade>  www.teamliberty.net/id199.html <http:// www.teamliberty.net/id199.html> www.teamliberty.net/id209.html http://www.team liberty.net/id209.html <teamliberty.net/id215.html> <teamliberty.net/id215.html>

Point #2 U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow issued a warning recently that the U.S. Government is on the verge of collapse - as the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of $8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February - the government would then be unable to continue its normal operations. Considering the current total U.S. debt stands at $8.162 trillion dollars, once the official debt ceiling ($8.184 trillion) is reached, the U.S. government's credit abroad (its borrowing power) is gone. Those countries (mainly China) who presently keep America afloat by holding U.S. Treasury Notes, will most likely no longer continue doing so.  First reference: US government warns it's running out of cash (Dec 30)
news.yahoo.com/s/afp/2005...51230161316 http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/2005 1230/ts afp/uspoliticseconomy051230161316 WASHINGTON (AFP) - Treasury Sec. John Snow has warned that unless Congress raises the national debt limit, the US govern-ment will run out of cash to finance its daily work in two months. In a letter to Senate leaders Thursday, Snow said the statutory debt limit imposed by Congress of 8.184 trillion dollars would be reached in mid-February and the government would then lose its borrow-ing power.  2nd. Reference: US Government Running Out of Cash: <dvorak.org/blog/>  http://www.dvorak.org/blog/?p=3746 3rd Reference:
America to run out of money by March? ydkmwayne.blogspot.com/2005/1...ch.html <http://ydkmwayne.blogspot.com/ 2005/12/america-to-run-out-of-money-by-march.html> Point #3 Bank Of America and Compass Bank managers (probably all other U.S. banks too) have been instructing their employees in the last few weeks on how to respond to customer demands in the event of”. “a collapse of the U.S. economy-specifically telling the employees that only agents from the Department Of Homeland Security will have authority to decide what belongings customers may have from their safe deposit boxes - and that precious metals and other valuables will not be released to U.S. citizens. The bank employees have been strictly prohibited from revealing the banks' new "guidelines" to anyone. (however, employees have been talking to friends and family) The next time you visit your bank, ask them about it - then ask yourself, why is this information being kept secret from customers and the public - what's really going on? From: bellaciao.org/en/article.php3 http://bellaciao.org /en/article.php3?id_article=10012 Homeland Security To Confiscate Bank Safe Deposit Box Contents January 22, 2006  BANK OF AMERICA & COMPASS BANK MANAG-ERS WERE TOLD HOMELAND SECURITY WILL CONFISCATE SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES by notepad, While all the other points I mentioned in a previous post are fairly well documented and discussed elsewhere on the Internet, the bank information I reported is not. This information is from my own experience and research. I discovered the disturb-ing news quite by accident - and by virtue of its importance, I decided to post my findings here and on a few other forums. What did I hear? A family member from Irvine, CA (who is a branch manager at Bank of America) told us 2 weeks ago that her bank held a "work shop" where the last 2 days were dedicated to discussing their bank's new security meas-ures. During these last 2 days, the workshop included members from the Homeland Secur-ity Office who instructed them on how to field calls from customers and what they are to tell them in the event of a national disaster. She said they were told how only agents from Homeland Security (during such an event) would be in charge of opening safe deposit boxes and determining what items would be given to bank customers. At this point they were told that no weapons, cash, gold, or silver will be allowed to leave the bank - only various paperwork will be given to its owners. After discussing the matter with them at length, she and the other employees were then told not to discuss the subject with anyone.  The family member has since given her notice to quit the bank. I found the news alarming and decided to find out more myself. On a trip to my bank here in Houston, I remarked to a young bank employee (who's new there), "well I guess you've been told all that stuff by the manager and the Homeland Security about what to tell your customers" - and to my amazement, the young woman came right out and said yes she'd been through all that, then whispered to me across the counter, "but we're not supposed to talk about - I could lose my job."  Why haven't you heard more about this? First of all, since maybe only banks' upper management is privy to the new "rules", the information doesn't trickle down so easily. Also keep in mind that employees have been told NOT to say anything about this, that it's a matter of National Security (with an allusion toward arrest if they do). They face possibly losing their job too. Another reason is that bank employees may not think it's important, or they believe they're a unique part of the effort towards curtailing "terrorism" and helping America's internal defenses.  It is also important to realize that not everyone's a writer, or Internet savvy - even if the employees moved beyond their banks' warnings & constraints, most people don't know how to get their experience published on the Web in the public domain - it's a mystery they are not familiar with so you never hear their story. How to get the information yourself:  Visit your bank, ask a few well-worded questions, being careful not to arouse suspicion - if that doesn't work, talk to friends and other family members - maybe they've heard something - or as a last resort, just point blank call the- bank manager in private and demand to know what's all this business with the Homeland Security deciding what I can have from my safe deposit box - tell me now or I'll close my account today.  I'll bet if you put forth the effort you'll get the answers you want. What should you do with this information? I'm not trying to "scare" anyone - just providing some news I think is relevant to Americans. Each must find his way through this dark forest - you will do with this information what best suits you and your loved ones - me personally, I see this as another indicator of how the criminals in charge over our lives intend to fleece U.S. citizens completely then dispose of them as only refuse. Be prepared. Point #4 FEMA has activated and is currently staffing its vast network of empty intern-ment camps with armed military personnel - unknown to most Americans, these large federal facilities are strategically positioned across the U.S. landscape to "manage" the population in the event of a "terrorist" attack, a civilian uprising, large-scale dissent ,or an insurrection against the government. Some of these razor-wired facilities have the capacity of detaining a million people. I have a personal friend that travels all over the United States and photographs these empty internment camps that are staffed with a Skelton military crew. He is one of many. The following link verify this point and exactly where these camps are located in every state and the executive orders that will bring this about:

www.mindfully.org/Reform/20...ep04.htm#1<http://www.mindfully.org/Reform/2004/FEMA-Concentration-Camps3sep04.htm> Are you familiar with Rex 84 which has allowed many U.S. military bases to be closed down and to be turned into awaiting prisons. @HFA-DVD3 - DVD-Barbed Wire On America: God's Final Warning In great film clips, Wegener details the coming plan to institute global dictatorship. What do: Detention centers, Depopulation, Demilitarization, Foreign Troops on U.S. soil, Mother Gaia worship, Martial Law, and the Anti-terrorism bill have in common? They are all in our immediate future, unless enough Americans wake up to what is planned for us. Great film footage, a must see for all Americans. Over 2 full hours cuttingedge.org/detail.cfmhttp

:/ /cuttingedge.org/detail.cfm?ID=832

 Secret US Police Concentration Camps In a revealing admission in June, 1997, the Director of Resource Management for the U.S. Army con-firmed the validity of a memorandum relating to the establishment of a civilian inmate labor program under development by the Department of the Army. The document states, "Enclosed for your review and comment is the draft Army regulation on civilian inmate labor utilization" and the procedure to "establish civilian prison camps on installations." Amid widespread rumors, Congressman Henry Gonzales clarified the question of the existence of civilian detention camps. In an interview, Gonzalez stated, "The truth is yes--you do have these stand by provisions, and the plans are here . . . whereby you could, in the name of stopping terrorism . . . evoke the military and arrest Americans and put them in detention camps."  Pierre Tristam's 11/26/02 editorial in the Daytona Beach News Jou-rnal blew the lid off the Homeland Security Department. "The New Deal was a 'reorgani-zation' or an 'expansion' of government. The creation of the Homeland Security Depart-ment is a coup within the government. What Ollie North once did illegally in a White House basement - free-lancing policy with public money and accountability to no one - a $37 billion department with 170,000 employees will now do legally in what is sure to be a high-rise of basements and metaphorical windows on Washington's Bureaucracy Row. Like a Wall Street firm beholden only to its board room, the second-largest government department is now a proprietary arm of the presidency. It operates beyond congressional scrutiny and public accountability, and guarantees secrecy to its own machinations or to those of any private business with which it deals. "Let's say Kafka Inc. were a company that made surveillance cameras the government was installing at a few thousand intersect-ions. Kafka's products happen to be pathetically faulty, as such devices commonly are. The public would be outraged if it knew. But all Kafka would have to do to keep its products' evaluations from becoming public is submit them to the Department of Homeland Secur-ity, where everything is to be kept secret by law. What Kafka does, every other company or hospital or airline or even local sheriff's department can do with any proposal, any bud-get item, any safety plan made part of the homeland security racket. The department, in other words, is a black hole to the Freedom of Information Act - everything goes in, no-thing gets out."  On Sunday, November 10th, the New York Times announced that 200 to 250,000 troops would be used to attack Iraq, while 265,000 National Guard and Reserve personnel would be called to active duty--MOST OF WHICH WILL BE DEPLOYED IN THE UNITED STATES! Is B*us*h at war with Iraq or with American citizens?

www.prisonplanet.com/the_naz...ica.html <http://www.prisonplanet.com/the_nazification_of_america.html>

Another link: www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/camps.html <http://www.abovetopsecret.com/pages/camps.html>


America's Prison Camps

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