February 24, 2006 journal, the gates of hell are opening up to Civil War in Iraq according to CNN news today with Shiites and Sunnis fighting each other. 7 more American soldiers killed today, the country is slipping more into the Revelation apocalyptic end time disaster. Don't worry is the word and it sounds like a fool talking. Bob Dole was hired by the Dubai government to lobby the Congress but he cannot even convince his own wife for the deal.

All governors are against the ports deal except Florida's brother JB*us*h.  Hundreds are being killed everyday in Iraq.  They are now saying they cannot handle the uprising. News is chaotic, this is just the beginning of a long road down for America into a bottomless pit. Ms. Rice is conveniently over there in Dubai today for a meeting to reassure them victory. Funeral protest first reported in Colorado by churches opposed to the war in Iraq having demonstrated at hundreds of soldiers funerals and saying God has condemned America. Lawsuits are being filed by New Jersey and New York authorities to stop the ports deal, and other states are threatening to cancel leases. If the people of this country let this deal, obvious violation, go through, them they are hopeless.  This administration is arbitrary and lawless.  The total terms of this agreement with Dubai is still not reported by major media. I believe now that Dubai was the major facilitator of the nine1one attack on the towers. I believe Israel and the United States worked the deal through Dubai to generate wars. Why is the ports deal secret and how could it pass 12 departments of government with unanimous approval?  How could it escape media scrutiny along the way? This is the plan, the deal to take over America fully and operator U.S. out of a Arab Moslem country deep within the desert which effectively puts us into bondage the same as the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt, in Babylon and Assyria. We are in bondage to this government and we are in bondage to the world, we are still aborting babies and we are still firing on innocent people overseas, here as well.  It was predicted men's hearts would be hardened in the last days and it has come to pass. We are now in the final hour of God's Revelation judgments. It is time for the American people to take a stand and take their government back and put an end to the vi*lence.  We have heard enough of "protecting the American people".  He is not protecting the American people. He is Trading With the Enemy. He is a traitor and traders are condemned to death in anybody's country.  The Patriot Act is anything but a Patriot Act, it is in no way patriotic.  It is a direct opposite from patriotism.  Real patriots are considered the enemy.  The crisis in Iraq today is admittedly much more than America can sustain. I believe that we are on the verge of total collapse economically and militarily. Anti-war and anti administration protesters have been severely suppressed in this country by these rulers of evil.  The strange mystery alliance that I have mentioned is at work here. The Arab world is one nation under Islam praying to Allah and instructed by the Koran. The full agreement has not been disclosed especially the legal ramifications of their deal. Finally, we have a real true bipartisan disagreement with this steamroller administration. We might as well have a witch doctor or fortune teller in the White de money Housse.

The wicked Communist government of Russia fell without a fight & we are headed in the same direction.  A defeat in Iraq signified by our being overrun over there or retreat may be the end of this totalitarian government and be the Liberation of America.  A new bill in Congress is calling for all our ports to be operated by this government and not a foreign. God is taking us down and there is an abundance of evidence everyday of our declining. The racketeers have run their course and now they have no place to hide their ugly trash. Let every state claim their rights and be independent of this suppressive federal monster.