Trade agreement. 

This was at the end of a “15 minute vote" kept open indefinitely until the B=us=h administration got the result it wanted, along with whatever arm twisting and deal cutting it took.  For details see my article "the CAFTA Loss-and beyond" On the <> site. July 30: Congress began to pressure the president to set a timetable for U.S. troops to withdraw from Iraq.  The CFR issues comment supporting said withdrawal, suggesting that the Iraq war may have been orchestrated by the Western power elite to discredit the U.S. before the rest of the world.  This would set the stage for a continued decline in the U.S. as a world power, as a precursor to the rise of a North American Union or Union of American States (or whatever the elites end up calling it) followed by world government.  August 2: Bush officially signed CAFTA into law.  August 29: Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana and Mississippi coastline, killing over a thousand people and trapping thousands more in the ruins of New Orleans. The region suddenly looked like a Third World country, as tens of thousands were left homeless and the basic infrastructure collapsed to the point where corpses were observed lying in the streets. A few observers would blame covert racism for the sluggishness of the federal government's response, since so many New Orleaners were black.  Among the follow up to the Katrina disaster was Bush's openly call for expanded federal powers to deal with emergencies. September 24: Hurricane Rita struck the Texas and Louisiana coast, doing extensive damage to oil refineries along the coast.  This resulted in a surge of gasoline prices to over $3 a gallon, al-though after a few days these prices began very slowly to drop.  October 4: Bush announces the possibility of military quarantines, forced vaccinations, and other martial law type government actions in response to a possible avian bird flu pandemic, although only a few dozen proven cases of bird flu had been reported in humans worldwide with none of these cases involving person to person transmission.  October 4: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now Iranian President placed the military in charge of his country's nuclear program, giving the lie to with easier claims that the programs only purpose is the generation of nuclear power for civilian purposes.  October 10: Syria signed an arms deal with the Russians.  October 18: The national debt officially reached $8 trillion.  October 19: Saddam's trial began in Iraq.  October 24: Bush announced the appointment of Dr. Benjamin Bernanke as new chairman of the Federal Reserve central banking system beginning at the end of January 2006 when Alan Greenspan retires. October 26: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called openly for Israel's destruction-for Israel to be "wiped off the map". October 27-November 8: Riots exploded in France following the electrocution deaths of 2 Moslem teenagers leading French authorities to declare a state of emergency, initially 12 days but extended to 3 months. The riots were led by unemployed mostly Muslim immigrants, and might lead someone to think that something is wrong with a policy of open borders. With France (a-long with the rest of the EU) only a few years ahead of us on the curve, one might suspect that our Government ought to do something to address the equivalent problem here before the "Meximerica”, expresses similar crises. November 3: Second Vermont Republic meets in Montpelier, Vt. statehouse and passes resolution to secede from the United States. Nov. 4: Financial ties between Donald Rumsfeld, the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry (especially the manufactures of TamifluR) the possibility of coerced vaccinations and the bird flu scared were revealed. Object lesson: When in doubt, always follow the money trail to see who is sponsoring and who is benefiting from a particular government sponsored hobgoblin. November 4-5: The Summit of the Americas convened in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. High on the list of priorities was getting the stalled free trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) back on track. The meeting ended in discord, absent an Ftaa, amidst huge public protest and opposition from some of South American leaders themselves (e.g., Venezuela's Hugo Chavez) who do not want to be a part of a New World Order they see as American lead for the benefit of U.S. multinational Corporations. November 10: The Federal Reserve announced with very little comment-that it will stop reporting M-3 effective March 23, 2006. M-3 is the best estimate of the total amount of fiat money, including what is available to finance our ballooning federal spending.  This happens to be the same month that Iran announced it will begin trading its oil in petroeuros on its new bourse. (Perhaps by next summer the mainstream media will be crowing about how the economy is "booming"? This assumes those in power haven't got us into a huge war). November 11: Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones went on record with a claim in an extensive 9000 word peer reviewed scholarly paper that physical evidence supports the thesis that controlled demolitions, not the 2 planes or the damage they did, collapsed the twin towers of the World Trade Center along with WTC7 which also collapsed with out having been struck by anything on September 11th 2001.  November 19th: General Motors announced its intention to slash 30,000 hourly jobs between now and 2008, closing 3 of its plants outright and trimming or ending operations in others in an effort to stop billions of annual losses at its core America operations.  December 3: an AP story reported the downsizing of a plant in Edenton, N.C. the first 300 or so victims of CAFTA who will lose their job over the course of 2006 as the company moves its operation to El Salvador.  December 7: A federal air marshal shot and killed an airline passenger attempting to disembark from a plane in Miami Airport.  Later, the air marshal stated that the passenger had shouted out “I have a bomb" which, if true, would make him a candidate for 2005's Darwin awards. The problem: not a single passenger came forward to verify that the man actually said it, while several testified they never heard him say it.  Dec. 7: Ford Motor Co. announced the elimination of 30,000 jobs in America in the near future. Microsoft announced the creation of 3,000 new jobs in India.  December 9: B-us-h in a private meeting, ref-erred to the Constitution "as a GD piece of paper".  See my article 2 weeks ago.  This was the same day a federal judge ruled that warrant less random police searches of subway riders personal bags do not violate the 4th amendment.  December 12: Hillary Clinton praised Israel as our Middle East ally. (Hup, she's testing the waters) December 14: Iran's increasingly belligerent President Ahmadinejad publicly called the Holocaust a hoax and again called for the destruction of Israel. December 13: the World Trade Organization convened in Hong Kong in an attempt to further negotiations on its Doha Development Agenda, its goal a global “free trade” agreement.  The meeting ended in disarray amidst violent protest echoing those of Cancun 2003 and Seattle 1999.  December 16: Iraq held yet another election.  December 16: B-us-h's post 91one executive order allowing eavesdropping on Am-erican citizens phone conversations, e-mail, etc., without a warrant or other permission from the courts, became public news that dominated the airwaves for the remainder of the year.  December 21-Congress extended the USA Patriot Act until February 3, 2006. In his most recent article, author and historian Dennis Cuddy raises the critical question even if by chance you trust the b-u-shies with the Patriot Acts provisions for the domestic spying, would you trust a president Hillary Clinton with them also? Dec 22: Great Britain announces it will monitor every automobile using number recognition”.