January 29, 2006 journal, a showdown over illegal wiretapping and increased spending.

What does the word conservative mean? No more than food processors using the word natural.  No more than the word Christian means to much of the church or typically "the original church".  No more than the term free elections mean a fair political election.  All these terms are all abused.  The people with their faces in the television network of major distortion, have no clue as to their being wiretapped and spied upon and what that means. Federal law #1809 (a) provides a legal means to wiretap suspicious individuals by a court order.  The president refers to this as the old law.  After today's Meet the Press we need to rethink what is old and what is current law.  Do laws have an expiration date and does the 'Constitution' have an expiration date?  The president is now hiding behind the constitution to justify his illegal wiretapping even though he constantly curses the Constitution as a g-d piece of paper. This country is in serious trouble and as is reported, the National Guard's equipment is mostly taken over to Iraq and left there without being replaced here at home. If the American people knew the truth that they are all spied on due to the system of the spying by Internet companies and telephone companies, they may not be so complacent. Bill Frist has worked himself into a corner trying to answer questions on Meet the Press today, saying he was one of nine people briefed on the current spying situation after the president and others have said they only spy on al Cato's.  Bill Frist is accused of insider trading medical stock shares just before it dropped in price on the current stock market. Bill Frist is a traitor to his state and to the South over all in my opinion from what I know.

Nobody in the world believe in America anymore and no Arab states are about to accept America's choice of politicians in any political election in their country.  Jimmy Carter has confirmed that the Palestinian election was fair and the Hamas won while calling for the destruction of Israel. The new Palestinian state first ruled by Arafat borders Israel and the surrendering of Gaza City strengthens their advantage point wrapping around Israel on the east and south side. The United States it is today revealed has pledged $250 million to the government of Palestine and no doubt have given much more to Arafat before his death.  Now the administration is threatening to with hold all that money until the Hamas militant group recant their contempt for Israel which is really no different than Arafat's position. The term conservative is out of context when it comes to spending & raising the debt limit to the highest in history with outrageous & uncontrolled spending now up by 45% at least. Military outsourcing of commodities makes it terribly expensive to fight a war in a foreign country.  We are really subject to Dick Cheney's Halliburton to fight this war to the finish. I suspected we were in deep with the Palestinian state to purchase peace in the Mid-east. Jimmy Carter's peace plan with Israel and Egypt reportedly is costing $6 billion per year. No wonder we cannot afford to rebuild New Orleans especially after rebuilding all those gambling casinos along the Mississippi coastline to help support the state of Mississippi.

This country is in one more big war mess and is crumbling by the day to a nothing state. All this puts such a stress on the dollar until it is unlikely to come out spending any longer.

A reporter for NBC News Bob Woodruff is reported to have been injured in the head in Iraq by the same type weapon used to defeat all American activities in the Iraqi territory. If this is liberation then the world does not need anymore of it. America cannot afford any more of it.  Saddam Hussain may have the last word after all if he gets the president into court in The Hague. A final word was suggesting that the right-to-die case was elevated to Congress to reinforce the right wing philosophy or theology for political purposes in the-.