March 22, 2006 journal, come out now and bring our troops home out of this Civil War. Bring the war mongers to justice in The Hague. Stop the rhetoric of staying the course of this foolishness. Cutoff the money for this bleeding, leave Iraq alone, we are the problem. The war is being compared now to the worst debacle of foolishness since Caesar Augustus in 09 BC. American people have been had by a gang of thugs interested only in the money padding their pockets. Corporate America is in full control and destruction awaits them at the end of the road. The president has become more desperate still not being able to give a straight answer to any question, he recites his lines as Ronald Reagan did from his movies. 2 accounts have surfaced when American soldiers killed Iraqi civilians in revengeful rages. A report now that we had an insider in Saddam Hussein's cabinet reporting "no weapons". But we did not listen to him and now we have blood on our hands in an awfully big war.

Another report that a prison was invaded north of Baghdad today killing 19 policeman and freeing 37 prisoners which shows that there is no order in Iraq, it is all chaos in a civil war. This administration wants to save face in spite of America's bleeding ourselves to death. I say bring the soldiers home and declare bankruptcy double over to extinguish the debt. I say declare bankruptcy all again like Roosevelt did in 1933 and give the debt notes back to the Federal Reserve from whence they came.  There is no future for America in any war! We’re broken as a nation on the verge of extinction with a herd of lunatics in Washington. Blame it on the press. Why don't the press tell the truth and tell-all about this insane man? The former prime minister of Iraq has said that if this is not civil war then what could it be. So many people all over are saying that this man is out of touch with reality.  He is shoot-ing like the V-president without concern of who he is killing and the world he is wasting.

The President's press conference was out of control with him speaking with foolishness. This man is babbling, must be a Babylonian. I've never heard anyone anymore confused. He is certainly a Luciferian.  He did say that coming out of Iraq would be for the next president. Congress should relieve him of his duties immediately before some big strong military man steps in and takes over. He lost his cool and he was showing his ignorance. This guy must be high to be as confused as he is, we are the problem over there as John Murtha is saying and we need to stop the killing immediately and bring the troops home. A new and more serious virus is reported of being sent under the name of an “invitation”. The world is at war and the Northwest is under 2 ft. of snow freezing cold while Dallas is flooded and Australia is devastated with a typhoon.  Can anyone say this is at all normal? This administration is in desperation and nothing is going to save it from such a big debt. Tony Blair is helping George out by saying we had to attack in Iraq yet no one is listening to them rail all dead meaningless issues that repeats the same old rhetoric of a failed plan. The quail hunter was on television on Sunday shooting the Bull seeing no civil war in Iraq. Helen Thomas question the President today in his sudden news conference about why he insisted from day one on taking out Saddam Hussain, he lied and said no president wants to go to war.  On CNN tonight Helen said that the neo conservatives plan was to take out Iraq then Syria and then Iran.  Helen Thomas is a smart lady and she knows the truth why we are at war.  She put the nut head through the meat grinder.  Those elite money people had great plans on how to protect Israel and to make a lot of money at the same time at the expense of the U. S working class.  God knows every heart and they will not get by with it. The attack upon the towers was the excuse to progress into the dark world of war.

North Korea now threatens to attack the U.S. with nukes but we are not responding to it.