May 12, 2006 journal, be delivered from all habit and enjoy the glory of God in your life.

This world is not my home, I am just passing through. People get old so fast while living this way. I believe the biggest enemy of health is stress. Longevity however is based on proper nutrition, digestion and peace of mind. Peace of mind comes through surrender and total submission to God our creator. Another day in my life I will share for whatever good may come from it. Most America is hooked to the tube and the airways are charged with Satanic power. Whatever they say is good is bad and if they say a thing is bad it is worse. We are being fed like swine and slaughtered like turkey's in this Roman arena. In defining the N*S*A's eavesdropping they are said to be printing out every phone call converting it to hard text and making a copy of every e-mail and fax. What a monstrous amount of paperwork they are creating and yet they are/have not stopping anything from happening, Because, nothing is happening in America or most of the world. Things are happening in Iraq in spilling American and Iraqi blood. Some in Congress are calling for government to obey the law. This is a renegade administration and all politicians have their pockets filled with dirty money so they cannot be effective in cleaning house. We have sunk to a lowest in history and we are approaching the edge of disaster. It is now being suggested by Arlen Specter that we give future constitutional interpretation to the many government security agencies which is like giving the fox the key to the henhouse. We have now gone too far to turn back and we must prepare for the total collapse of this secret wicked evil system. Make peace with God and communicate with God nonstop. Know the joy of a born-again spirit filled life. Compromise nothing to Satan ever in your life, give Satan no space / time to solicit your most valuable possession of victory. If a thing looks evil its most likely evil. The preacher preached about the sudden judgments of God or vengeance on evil tyrants.

King Harrah after ordering the beheading of John the Baptist was vanished in 6 months.

I have personally witnessed the sudden downfall of those that do evil to God and to man. Now in this country we are at the mercy of the globalist & their weird demonic mentality. A young man was working out of state and decided to fly home for the weekend without a reservation. He was reported stripped searched when he went through security to board. Our rights have vanished because we have forgotten the true and living God and we are willing to compromise for a substitute through idolatry and the sacrifice of our rights for the sloop they feed us by mouth, by eyes and ears. We are taken away into captivity still again because we have substituted God with Satan. We are worshiping the great beast. We are already in the New World Order with a one world government, one world church. "Vengeance is mine saith the lord". That means not to attack in Iraq or even Afghanistan. As Christians given over to God we should have no concern about politics or any form of Caesars paraphernalia of this world. "Give unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's". In time gold will be purified and false prophets will be consumed by fire. God will provide for his own people, those genuine Christians who are called by his name. This country will most likely relive the Hitler saga as the police state worsens, politicians will become more desperate for money and federal agents collaborate with all branches of law enforcement to persecute the people and make their own law like the president does. I met a person that practices the therapy of breathing and exercise of obscure muscles in the body like the upper back that we never think of as needing any treatment under normal conditions. I am very impressed with this concept. Edith Dziorney, LMNT 828-625-0572. The body has an amazing ability to recreate itself, cure most any disease that may attack it.