November 1, 2006 journal, artificial taste, fat, religion, education, politics and everything. Rush Limbaugh also and it is time someone describe him for the stupid jerk he really is as a big bag of gas of historic proportion meddling in politics with his fat foot in his mouth. If Kerry had spoken like this during the election he may have won not that it would have been any different in the long run, he's just another skull and bones secret order man and given to the devil like bully boy b*us*h, its b*us*h that has raised a question of military intelligence being slammed as low. The military is an employment agency taking up the slack for our lost of industry in this country and yes it is very low in IQ even though the GI's are sacred but not hero's. It was not most of their choice to be slammed into Iraq, they were sent there against their will and only a few are nutty enough to saying they like it or reenlist. Once they are in they are kept in by force for up to at least eight years and that is in the fine print that most enlistees do not read until they find themselves at war. They make it sound great even as like heaven on earth traveling the world they say but get killed in the meantime while doing it. It is no different than the lying political campaign. We make and spend artificial money. We eat artificial food. We have artificial religion. I agree this country needs tough talk and people that speak the truth letting the chips fall. Roadblocks and checkpoints in Iraq are ordered to be removed by Iraqi president. What of a democratic election when all candidates are Moslem? Situation in Iraq today is worse. Civil War is over whelming with chaos on every street corner. Guest on CNN reports this president has lose his mind after saying Michael Brown was doing a great job now saying Donald Rumsfeld is doing a great job. He said B*u*s*h is still in Katrina and this failed policy is the Katrina of foreign policy a disaster. The VP is about to make a big speech. It don't matter anymore, this administration is finished and nobody trust it anymore at all. Cheney will exploit the Kerry courage slam the troops episode when it is a non issue. We are about to spend another 10 billion training the Iraqis to police their very own country. It was reported today that Google has a record of every search made by all its customers. I am publishing the 7 days of creation along with certain other paintings and description in a 34 page book by to sell for $20 paperback. It should be out by November 15. My 7 days of creation digital photos are now up on my website <> A chart was leaked last week showing the war chaos in Iraq to be worsening while they say it is getting better. Democrats are asking for accountability from this administration. Another Republican has been busted today in Florida for crimes committed. It seems that the Democrats are winning by saying nothing while the Republican Party self-destructs. I cannot see this administration lasting the year out with Iraq a ball of fire and corruption on every hand, and blood on all hands. Report the IQ's of the military and the president. When the dollar falls the states are out of business also because they have no substitute currency. Every state is reliant on the U.S. dollar for survival and war in Iraq with other foolish spending is jeopardizing all U.S. government's and every country dependent upon us. We have this artificial protection of the troops and their IQ's only because in respect for selfish political purposes, other wise, we would not give a care about what is said. Desperation of the president and GOP is why they make such a deal out of what was said about being stuck in Iraq. The Dallas Morning News has said it is not enough to cover this quagmire B*us*h has gotten us into in Iraq. I say it is just horn blowing or finger-pointing another way trying to cover his evil ignorant tracks of a big war gone bad wrong. Let us seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, let him avenge our enemies.