November 2, 2006 journal, 1000 Iraqis killed and 105 American in October alone in Iraq. Not until April 2005 did they even start counting the Iraqi dead, Afghanistan is worsening also. Now a new diversion to Kerry bashing the troops for being stupid for being in Iraq. Any little thing they can use to justify their genocide and keep blinders on the American people from the truth of the slaughter of civilians in at least three countries in the Middle East. I feel like the Dixie Chicks saying that I am ashamed of this president and his gang of thugs wheeling the power of our military might to destroy innocent people or imprison them for no reason at all. We are headed for ground zero as fast as we can fall to the pit. We are peddling a artificial democracy here and there to achieve great personal wealth. We are dispatching 7000 lawyers to watch the polls in this so-called artificial free society. I do not expect the election to be fair and it does not matter a great deal because there are more important things to think about like the bottom falling out of this economy leaving people hungry and homeless. We have lost our freedom under this administration and they want you to think on something trivial. "Nero fiddled while Rome burned". We are in a mess in Iraq and we cannot get out of it but we will get out of it one way or another. This war is sucking and spilling our blood and we will never win over any Islamic nation, not until God takes over and puts all things in order. The president is an idiot that should be impeached yesterday. Corporate power keeps him afloat and enriches themselves in the blood of all the innocent, the woman on the scarlet colored beast like Lynne Cheney, Revelation 17 is "drunk on the blood of the saints". How can the second lady wife of the VP head a major military manufacturing company do business with this war government? Now that the trackless voting machines have fallen into unfriendly hands, the Republican Party cannot be sure of winning. Lynne and Dick Cheney are the most dangerous of all enemies of the United States. Two Sisters is a lesbian novel written by Lynne Cheney 20 years ago. How grotesque are people in the times in which we live. Deliver us Lord from this curse I pray. There is some indication that Britain is moving ahead toward implants as microchips to track their citizens. Red wine is said to have a molecule that may cause longer life. They forget to tell you that America has nitrates mandated in the wine and the overall benefit may be negative. I cannot see why grapes would not give you the same. A major pastor and leader of the modern evangelical church in Colorado Springs is now accused of having a g+ay relationship with another man. Many evangelical Christians are turned off and not planning to vote in this election. They have been so grossly misled. Jerry Falwell was interviewed on television today still supporting the war and the warrior. These people do not seem to know the principles of Biblical Christianity, not in the least. The Anglican church has just appointed a bishop that does not believe Christ is the only way. I am not at all surprised that in these last days the church is misled following off after every wind of doctrine in foolishness. Falwell attacks the character of the author of the book that reveals how this administration ridicules church leaders as stupid/ignorant. They are suckers to support phony Christians in high places doing a disservice to church. In any case the bubble is busting and they cannot play that card any longer to win votes. The truth is catching up. Reality is coming to pass. Dead bodies are coming home now. Our resources are thin and this administration has no answer to victory in this awful war. Let them have their paper printed money and live high on the hog until God requires an answer from them all. Let them think they have democracy until they are all imprisoned.

Let them have the sweet military contracts to support the GNP until the day of judgment.