November 3, 2006 journal, stay the course, winning the war, spreading democracy is all a sham. The rhetoric of this president and administration is ridiculous. Yet Jerry Falwell said he likes it, then he will like hell. Acres of bodies laying in the streets. Large areas of cities flooded with raw sewage and uninhabited. Whole police departments destroyed, their cars all burned and their weapons all confiscated. This is hell on earth and not a rosy picture at all. Anybody that says this is winning is insane or selfish. This is the wholesale transfer of money from the pockets of the working man into the pockets of the wealthy. This is double indemnity and triple death. This president is being used by the criminals of the world to sell arms and destroy people. We are there at the orders of a false Israel to conquer and or destroy their neighbors, to build bases for further attacks on Iran. This is Armageddon pure and simple. Dead bodies lying in the streets like the 2 witnesses. Fundamentalist church leaders supporting this racket genocide are supporting the devil. We destroyed their water filtration system in the Gulf War and not even the water for the American soldiers is safe to drink today. This is not at all the war against te*rr*orism, it is te*rr*orism. Caskets carrying dead soldiers are not allowed to be shown on television. No politician can even hint toward cutting off funds to support our soldiers to kill people. The racketeers are making bloody billions while this president pretends to be winning the war, there is no end in sight and there is no win in site, there is only more death, suffering and destruction. They boast of our good economy while blood and war is our economy. This is surely the last days for this administration, for this country and God's day of grace. What, nuclear weapons on the Internet? Yes, by order of the president they say. What else can they do to sell America? What could possibly be the reason for this? Joey is a term for another man in my house while I am fighting in Iraq so I must go home early. New life Church in Colorado Springs has 14,000 members and its CEO was head of the National Association of evangelicals. This is another b*us*h gone bad before election. The Christian coalition of churches is falling apart and there goes the Republican base supporting the George W. war or wars of this bloodthirsty way evil of/in commercial religion the same as the phony coalition of countries in Iraq. There is a day coming of accounting. The Very Rev. Haggard is accused of having a gay relationship for 3 years with a male prostitute. As head of the powerful National Association of evangelicals and personal friend of b*us*h, this clergy had a lot of clout said to be at the top of his career. Although his accuser had failed his lie-detector test the preacher has admitted to some of the allegations. This figurehead stood against g+a+y same-sex marriage and was pro-life. The doorway was opened for the devil to step in and to destroy his Christian influence. They now predict a landslide sweeping out House in Washington to the opposition party. It cannot be any worse than what we have. Tonight CNN continues to air their program on broken government, 'where the right went wrong' saying that this administration is not at all conservative but much worse than the Democrats indebting America to its capacity. Let us say that every politician is corrupt which is the nature of the beast and if you vote for one or the other you are supporting the beast system which is actually the Antichrist. Ga*y and les*bian activities has increased and infested the church and the government. The neocon Republicans and their leader the tyrant determined to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq got too eager and through a presidential decree order posted on the net information about nuclear weapon making which was in Iraq from before the Gulf War. This phony war on te*rr*or is being revealed as a blood bath for the U.S. against itself.