November 19, 2006 journal, Statue of Liberty shown in Iran and the lady is a skeleton. This is typical of our modern-day liberty with the Patriot act 1 and 2 around our necks. Secret Santa discovered in Kansas City giving away a million dollars formerly homeless. Senator Jon Tester of Montana on NBC's Meet the Press said we need to rid Washington of corruption. Good luck Jon Tester. He also said that every one that meets at all with any Senator or Congressman should be public information to cut out the pork and to limit the lobbyist. Along with Jim Webb U.S. Senator Elect from Virginia saying we need now to change our strategy in Iraq. Lindsay Graham has said we need to send enough troops more to win the war which is said by Henry Kissinger to be impossible. Every soldier in Iraq is in danger of sudden death which will even accelerate when we send more in to die. Senator Rangel New York head of the House Appropriations Committee on CBS Sunday Morning said we need a draft because if we had had a draft then Congress would not have approved going to war in Iraq if their own flesh and blood had been at risk on such flimsy evidence of weapons of mass destruction. This is a point no one has considered and true. Lindsay Graham is wrong in sending more troops to win the war because it’s lost forever. Ted Koppel in Iran from ABC News reveals many interesting facts showing him before a fake Statue of Liberty where the lady is a skeleton. This best describes our liberty today as dead and gone. The United States led a coupe in 1953 replacing Iran's duely elected president with our Shah and it has not been forgotten. Iran is not a pure Moslem nation. It was announced today that "We sure did do Iran a favor to take out Saddam Hussain". Tony Blair said recently that Iraq is a big mess and that is the truth for a change coming from him. How will it be when America falls and the dollar no longer spends like when the peso was devalued in Mexico and Russian broke up into individual states as nations. They could not buy anything from out of the country and we are reaching that point today. If they stop printing money then people could not buy it at any price to satisfy a mortgage. National geographic television Channel 72 is showing the Mason's in their long history of their reign on earth from Bible times, maybe even Old Testament times. They did not show it all but they did show lots of activities in Washington D.C. and the pentagramed Pentagon by Harry Truman, the United Nations building and the Washington Monument. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was credited with getting the all seeing eye on the dollar bill. All these men including George Washington were Freemasons and they are accused of running the world. The initiation of the great Grand Master Mason or most worshipable Potentate presides over the Bible, the Koran and one of the Jewish Bibles to rule their club or fraternity. They control everything that moves in money and the all seeing eye represents the Illuminati Federal Reserve. The Washington Monument obelisk is the largest obelisk in the world. They are perceived as demonic by a large percentage of population. The Knights Templars or the Knights of Columbus are very much in the forefront from the world of dark Catholicism and secret religion. After seeing this film I am even more convinced that the Freemasons run the wars and that this is a religious war not only from the Arabs point of view but from the American Freemasons agenda. The charge of idolatry is not something church folks wants to hear but is true about the churches with multi avenues of idolatry including their connection to the secret orders. The church today is the middleclass especially those with a good income. The church endorses or approves sin as though it were godly and pats on the back members as an endorsement of sin with false forgiveness and assure the members of a church rapture.