November 30, 2006 journal, long-lost Republic, a lesson now in American economics to go by. Some are not aware that we barely have history of the Republic lost 150 years ago. My prediction of the fall of the dollar is happening before our eyes today. Pat Roberson spoke of it again yesterday. He mentioned the trillion dollars surplus held by China and other countries have a lot of it in reserve to buy oil and may now switch to the Eurodollar. Without the oil purchased in dollars, the dollar would be already on the economic bottom. It was said that the dollar has lost half its value against the Euro in 4 years but the slide is now accelerating rapidly. If China makes any move on the money we are out of business. Little George should know all of that but he does not with his bird brain and cowboy hat. With our money now losing and our control of Iraq through the present government and the Shiite clergy being supported by you know who. Now the little bu*sh has been stood up by the Iraqi Prime Minister in their big planned Jordanian meeting. Word on CNN is that b*ush is falling apart as the war in Iraq is falling apart. Whoever would have thought that we would ever need the Democrats again after the 1994 Republican victory and that contract with America. This country needed a change somehow from this crazy maniac, now sending 20,000 more troops while extending those guys already over there a year. Troops in Iraq will not be home for Christmas and many never will come home again. I have a feeling that there will be a sudden mass exodus from Iraq like the children of Israel exiting Egypt in Moses day. Where is accountability for all the lies told and defrauding of Congress and the American people from this maniac administration masquerading as the good old self righteous Christian. There are two only religions being hailed today in Turkey, Islam and the Catholics claiming to be Christian via Pope and his visit over there. They are like as it were merging the two religions and many Protestant Christians approve and celebrate it. The great religions of the world are those 2 plus a billion Hindu's and a billion plus Buddhist, the Protestant Christian faith is much smaller probably 500 million. The Jewish religion is still much smaller under 20 million world population and religion.

The Mormons are about equal size to the Jewish religion worldwide. There are churches on every street corner here in town and religion is abundantly available while true born-again Christians are few & far between that live the life on a daily bases unconditionally. The President of Iran has sent an open letter to the American people saying we should withdraw from Iraq to save our resources to rebuild New Orleans and many other needs. The American people have spoken in the last election saying to withdraw the troops from Iraq but instead he sends 20,000 more. The wars are so financially fruitful for his bosses. Everything is turning around now and this nation is in a tailspin about to see the near end.

Other religions in the world include the atheists, communism and evolution. Money is a religion also through the Masonic Fraternal Orders usually practiced as a dual religion. The confidential report was obviously released deliberately to damage Malike so they could install a Prime Minister not friendly to Iran. The overall plan is to attack Iran so nothing should get in the way of carrying out that neo conservative agenda to the fullest.

It's OK for the people of Iraq to have a vote so long as they vote for who we tell them to. Pat Roberson applauds the Pope in Istanbul pointing out the ancient war record of the Islamic people which is true and we should have known that before we set foot in Iraq. He tells the story of how Hitler collaborated with the Arabs to kill the Jewish people in the Second World War and may be true but is no excuse to advocate the Pope as though he were God Almighty which he claims to be. The world is willing to condone idolatry.