October 29, 2006 journal, Lynne Cheney looks like a scarlet colored beast of Revelation 17. This is the dirtiest campaign season I know of ever and I am sure of one thing that this empire has fallen and will soon collapse. This is the last great empire of the world I do believe before the coming of the Lord. The river runs red with blood through the Iraq mess we have made. This is equivalent to hell just seeing soldiers without faces or legs or arms. There is no end to the vio*l*ence we have generated. Soldier #100 was killed today in Iraq for the month of October. I watched the movie documentary 'Iraq for sale' and they saved one soldier that was bleeding and badly burned spending a million dollars to get him home where he died in two weeks from infection. They had run out of blood before they could get his bleeding stopped, he does not count in the 100 because he died at home from his wounds over there. Never has lies and deception been greater than now. The multi-billion dollar deals are said to be made in Cheney's office with Halliburton non bid contracts for billions. Where will it all stop? When the money will no longer spend. A counterfeit ring was caught up with in Columbia & the press seized, its all counterfeit. The tons of money wasted in Iraq is unbelievable. The Republican Party are distancing themselves from the president but the Democrats are using him to campaign wide-open. The war seems to be bad news to this country and it sure should be. The Christian right should repent of their support of the war of this administration thinking they're doing God a favor. Hunter somebody said we had freed Japan and Germany and we will free Iraq for democracy. Hunter has his history all wrong. We never freed Japan or Germany and we will never free Iraq from the clutches of Islamic control. We have never attacked an Arab nation before and we should flat get out before all our soldiers are killed. Cut and run if you will, retreat while still alive. We attacked a site in Pakistan killing about 100 people. Can we not stop rocketing people to death? This president is bloodthirsty and hungry for war as bad as Adolf Hitler was and we shall rise or descend to the same level as postwar Germany. Halliburton even has the contract to supply fresh drinking water to the troops but they have failed in that basically as all the other supplying the most contaminated water full of diseases which the GI's are bringing back here to their homes and families. We are as America shooting off our ammunition at everything and this attack today on Pakistan will have its own repercussions. The te*rr*or war is artificial and it is political. Opposition to war is being suppressed and the wealthy are rejoicing all laughing all the way to their bank. In one hour according to Revelation prophecy all this will come to nought and "they will see the smoke of her burning". America is in crisis and our jobs have vanished. Homeless and hungry people are obscure and are certainly on the rice. Furthermore, political candidates are not mentioning they are Republicans in this race, some even claim to be Democrats. One report accuses America of striking a religious school in Pakistan. I am not surprised that we cannot do anything right. They were shown burning the flag and rioting. Mexico is rioting. The whole world is in turmoil and we are broke. Trans fats are dropped by KFC. A report shows transplants are toxic poison. Believe it or not, NBC reported that reconstruction money to Iraq has been squandered by Halliburton and its subsidiary. The nation seems to be in a great recession while we waste money and lives in Iraq, the war in Iraq most likely will bury the name Republican forever. I recommend that all watch the documentary film Selling of Iraq for the best education on the corruption of this government and Halliburton at taxpayers' expense.