April 27, 2008 journal, food rationing may be the next crisis we may face in this country. Political bias and ethnic favoritism prevents America from hearing what Rev. Jeremiah Wright is saying, yet it is not the black church they are attacking so much as the Christian Church white and black. Jimmy Carter crossed that forbidden line and he is branded anti Semitic. Amazon books on line are offering me books on the powerful influence of Israel upon America with its thousand lobbyists on Congress and against the American people. They took the children from the Texas compound which is common for states to do when people are not complying with their rules. If they were going to arrest anyone it should be guilty parties and not the innocent. Those poor children must be exposed to vaccinations and the religion of evolution while being corrupted by Hollywood, consuming processed foods. They broke down the doors to their Temple but they have never done that to any Masonic Lodge for which the Mormon Church is a carbon copy but obviously this breed is out of fellowship with the circle of protected fraternities. Modern standard American Christianity also provide the man with 4 wives like the cult but not all at the same time. The Supreme Court Almighty decision to uphold state law and requiring photo ID to vote is an elitest way of electing John McCain knowing that thousands do not have out and do not need photo ID, what's wrong with your voter registration certificate as permit to vote. An 18 year-old kid gun down four members of his family here in this county on Saturday. Something has long wrong with the youth watching all of the war and Hollywood movies. 3 tornadoes ripped through Colonial Heights Virginia leaving a massive destructive path. every bank president says is a lie and it gets worse. Now he blames the Democrats for the financial crisis and he's getting more brave in throwing out ridiculous statements not akin to the true whatsoever. He is very easy to see through that his words are only hot air and should not be taken seriously. No one is getting help to save their houses just like all the false hopes he put out after Katrina hit New Orleans. Show me one person that has help. No No No, the polls are not dropping, they just want you to think they are so you will not speak your mind. It is a shame and disgrace that what Rev. Wright has said is offensive to the media in obedience to the New Age new world order elitist and political correctness. Its not offensive to me because most of it is the truth and a preacher has a right to preach it. This nation has gone too far in shutting the voices of truth in exchange for a lie or lies. I got my picture in The Times examiner newspaper by attending the museum opening of the Bob Jones University Museum extension downtown. Bob Dill may not realize it but it is the highest disgrace to the University to show ore mention an outsider in art or religion. thanks Rand-the dimensions of my second painting are 24 x 36 inches. its in oil. the pyramid peice (George Washington) is 24 by 36 in. the aliens 10 lost tribes of Israel is 24 by 36 in. and the rapture or better said saints ascending is 22 x 28 in. I have them all except the turkey standing in a graveyard 5 white killers in our diet and I feel sure it is in the Spartanburg show which will come down Monday. David took photos of that show today and will do a CD which I hope they can market in their gift shop at the Spartanburg Art Museum. I forgot to check for it specifically while there today but I am quite sure they have that painting. I guess it to be 20 by 24-inch. For some time I have wanted to paint another scene similar to my first one which has no writing. Sometimes people confuse my vision with visions and are not clear about what I saw or see. I have continued to work on the second one to say exactly what I saw that one time-I saw the coming of the Lord and the world on fire. I did not see the 4 horsemen or the entire Book of Revelation as some speculators say or at least in one case wrote it as fiction. For truth theologians it would make me look like a phony to claim to have seen the vision of the apostle John. Everything Biblical I have painted since July 1989 has been an interpretation of the Scriptures and do not come from a vision. I had one vision that set me to painting art suddenly and spontaneously, everything thereafter I describe as inspiration. I am driven daily by what I feel as the anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. Sometime by summer of want to travel to Baltimore to see my painting again, the 7 Days of Creation hanging permanently in their sculpture barn, each day is 12 by 16 ft.