August 29, 2008 journal, McCain eat cake with the president while Katrina flooded New Orleans on his birthday 3 years ago and that is not very funny now as New Orleans has essentially never been built back. Now as another hurricane is headed into the Gulf, they are talking about relocating New Orleans. They are moving every living thing out of New Orleans now well in advance of the storm because they know it probably will not hold up. John McCain has announced his vice-presidential running mate Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska who has no real experience except in bearing five children. At first she seems to be a bit of an air head to rubber-stamp the Republican war and fear gate. She shoots caribou and eats moose stew. After the press has dug up her history she will probably be on a plane back to Alaska with her 4 month old baby. Mitt Romney & Tim Pawlenty said to be fighting mad. Romney most likely pulled out of race on a handshake agreement McCain would make him vice-president. They are getting a good taste of McCain's flip flopping firsthand. McCain who seems to be in the early stages of Alzheimer's should have gotten himself a Las Vegas showgirl with no family responsibilities. The experience factor would have been the same. McCain has his eyes on Alaskan oil plus he may be planning to attack Russia via the 15 mile waterway up near the North Pole that divides the 2 countries hoping it comes in summer or in the dead of winter when it is frozen over. His Republican colleagues are considering this to be a double cross. Sarah seems to be a bit wild and ready to attack Iran. At least McCain had sense enough to select a woman, even though I feel it is a temporary ticket. What is there left here when none are trying to save the Constitution? There is no answer for the economic crisis that is taking us down. There is no immediate solution to the oil crisis other than to restrict Wall Street's dealing. McCain seems to be simi-senile. I am still not sure America will need another president. The odd couple is touring Pennsylvania reciting the same old thing as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Unpredictable and radical McCain hooked up with a menopausal Mama to get the Republican nomination. Hurricane Gustav is grinding over the Gulf heading for New Orleans. I wonder if their Labor Day gay parade is going to be interrupted once again. Assuming the bridge holds up over the Mississippi and the Republican convention goes fourth in the Twin Cities, Sarah is coming across a bit tacky and dangerously outspoken. The Republicans are saying "This is a very risky situation John McCain has brought on". If we are going to be merged with Mexico and Canada then why pretend? There is a storm brewing on both ends of the Mississippi River and the one in St. Paul Minnesota may be the most dangerous of all. I wonder if candidate John McCain is deliberately trying to throw this election and sabotage the Republican Party, that's what he is doing. Sarah seems to get her anti abortion platform from the Catholic Church doctrine. I have lost confidence in the Catholic Church and the Republican Party as being serious against abortion. Abortion mills will continue so long as the dollar last to kill future generations. Enough is enough and I do believe God has had enough of this ungodliness on His earth. John McCain's qualifications, if he has any to be president, is his patronage of the Hanoi Hilton after being shot down while he was engaging & killing North Vietnamese families. Sarah Palin's qualifications are nearly nonexistent other than her fishing boat experience. The outdoor stadium was filled last night with 84,000 people, Obama spoke to over 38 million people accepting his Democratic presidential nomination on television nationwide according to a NBC report, there is a groundswell to change Washington in this election. Let us turn our faces toward The God in heaven, the great and true provider of all things.