December 1, 2008 journal, now they are predicting a revolution and many are fleeing this country to places like Ireland, Iceland, Costa Rica and even Malta. Come out from among them. California is on the verge of collapse as most all states are with a grave situation. I say there is no cure. Almost every bank has applied for bailout funds in the country and it is virtually impossible. Cities are collapsing under foreclosure abandonment of property. The Big 3 automakers are returning this week to Washington with bigger tin cup in hand but with no plans to make more efficient cars, only a plan to shut down production and sales. General Motors will close 1750 dealerships and cut out some of their brands. The waste in Detroit is as bad as the waste in Washington as these things have now caught up. The shaky stock market fell 674 points today or about 7% of its total value before hedge funds kicked in to buy large chunks of stock. One credible website now suggests most all the big corporations are on the cliff of financial disaster, I give you my own example is that of GM and Ford stocks are going for about 1.50 per share down from about $50.00. The airlines are reported to be retaining the enormous surcharge & luggage charges after fuel has already fallen by 66% which reveals Wall Street was setting the price for profits. American auto sales have dropped by 50 percent in the last three months so what bailout. The big 3 automakers only have a plan to go out of business, they offer no real recovery. They come to Washington with hat in hand begging and this time on wheels but with no mention of improving their product for building more competitive or more efficient cars. If the automakers CEOs would give back all they have extorted from their companies, I say they may survive but must clean house and stop all of the foolish wasteful spending. They all three agree now to work for $1 per year at least until the federal bailout money. America is right for revolution with the corruption in government and complete pending collapse of the US Treasury and the foreign funny phony Federal Reserve central bank. Our leaders should all be imprisoned especially Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson. The president answered an ABC interview as to "If there would have been a war if he knew there were I pity the people of modern-day Mumdie India with the 3 day bloody standoff. no weapons of mass destruction". He could not say there would not. People are renting their flats in Washington DC for the inauguration for $1,000 per night. This country is in for a rocky ride so store up your dried beans for future food. Another report says someone dialed *911* but got no response and I am not surprised. A 12 year old was gunned down while trick or treating after knocking on a door in the city of Florence S.C. on Halloween night. Halloween is worshipping of the devil night. The resident shoot thought the door hitting 3 family members and killing the young man. December 2, 2008 journal, the pending financial collapse of California as most all states. California has a $30 billion deficit for this year with only one course of action depending on a federal bailout. The entire nation is depending on federal or bailouts until the bank is broke. The American Whore House has drawn all nations into its artificial financial world which has failed miserably and there is no need to continue at steering the pot in the pit because it is over. December 3, 2008 journal, America rates number 33 in World Health and South Carolina rates number 27 in national health. I recommend Hallelujah Acres to deal with problem (3) How To Unleash Your Food's Cancer-Fighting Potential Dr. Blaylock, in the "Blaylock Tip of the Week," found on the Health Alert, dated June 1, 2008, had the following to say: "Though decades of research have shown that diets derived from plants have unrivaled cancer-fighting powers, there is a secret that will allow you to maximize your exposure to the miracle substances in plants. "The problem is that all of these cancer inhibitors are locked inside sealed compartments within fruits and vegetables. Every compartment is a cell, but unlike mammalian cells, each is enveloped in a casing of cellulose. Unfortunately, the human digestive tract does not possess an enzyme capable of dissolving these tough shells. As a result, unless you break them, you absorb little or none of your food's nutrients. "Fortunately, there are several solutions to this dilemma. Chewing mechanically shatters some of the shells, but studies have shown that eating raw vegetables yields only about 30% of their nutrients since most people do not chew vegetables until they are a fine mush. Boiling releases the nutrients, but some are destroyed by the intense heat while some are lost in the water in which they are cooked. Steaming vegetables preserves more of their nutrients. "The third method-which I prefer-is to puree fresh vegetables in a high-speed blender. I use a brand called Vita Mix. When you blend or liquefy fruits and vegetables in a high-speed blender, over 90% of the nutrients are released." EDITORS NOTE: Rhonda and this editor, for our evening meal salad, no longer eat a chopped salad, but rather put all of the salad ingredients into our Vita Mix, with a healthy and tasty salad dressing, and blend them. We find this method fast, and it allows us to consume several times the quantity of vegetables we used to consume by chewing. By blending our salads we increase considerably the cell building nutrients released. Let's not forget that God designed these physical bodies we each possess to be nourished exclusively with plant foods. That is why God placed that first human, Adam, in a garden and told him in Genesis 1:29 that these garden foods were to be his exclusive diet. These plant foods have been this editor's exclusive diet for the past 33 years. There are three ways of obtaining nutrients from plant foods: (1) Chew them, which is the least beneficial way of obtaining plant nutrients. (2) Blend them, which increases the availability of nutrients many fold. (3) Juice them, which is the ultimate way of obtaining plant nutrients. These plant nutrients are what the body uses for energy, for building and maintain cell structure, and keeping us healthy. This editor has been juicing raw veggies daily for over 30 years. Only in the past few years have we changed the way we prepare our evening salad from chopped to blended. (Hallelujah Acres carries the Vita Mix Blender. For more information or to purchase a Vita Mix or a juicer, see page 35 & 36 in our current Product & Event Catalog, call 800.915.9355, or visit us on the web at for the Vita Mix, or for juicers.) December 4, 2008 journal, an avalanche of job losses 30,000 today alone are reported as the big 4 automakers make the case before Congress threatening to go out of business and put 5 million people out of work. With or without bailout those people's jobs are in jeopardy. This nation will collapse all the way down economically before beginning over. General Motors' stock has collapsed now with a combined overall total of $2 billion with $62 billion debt now asking for $18 billion additional bailout, looks like bankruptcy is the only option in order. These financial figures are nearly as bad as that of the government. They say half the people polled said they will not buy a car from a bankrupt automaker. Actually, half the people are already buying foreign made cars so nothing has changed. I went to the bank to cash a check and was told I must give them a notice in advance if I withdraw 1000 or more. The second time I went inside the bank and saw they have up a big sign saying "this bank is solvent". Sure, if you believe that. They are applying for the bailout money after they have given their founder Mack Whittle $18 million a retirement golden parachute. The assistant manager spoke real low tone and it was hard to hear him. For some time the bank has had a notice posted on its window saying that "your deposits may not be immediately available" in case you wish to draw your money out of the bank. The derivatives market alone has bankrupted the world because it is nothing of real value.