December 30, 2008 journal, when will America take patients into hospitals no questions ask? Someone checked into a hospital out of town for overnight observation and it takes more time than that to fill out the paperwork all to make sure the wealth of the country is shifted in the right direction. Every doctor visit is preceded by a mountain of paperwork. Mexico has a wonderful medical system operated absent of oppressive records keeping. I see a time coming very soon now when all of this will break down along with the credit bureaus and the police state of phony security. Playing cat & mouse with selling alcohol to alcoholics then setting up roadblocks to catch them is an enterprise of the last resort. Governments are becoming intoxicated with power to fine more and more of the public. What will the new America look like? The high-tech targeting by Israel in the massacre of Gaza has got to be American. Even Pat Buchanan said he fears the Iraqi Afghan war. War has become our industry like Russia was, it increased our debt while destroying the economy. It was said today that Israel planned to attack Gaza early before the current administration goes out of office because they knew they would be more sympathetic. This sad bad president is a man of wars loving grief surrounded by the death of millions. It would be dreadful to have so much blood on your hands when he meets his judgment. We are now facing one big catastrophic meltdown of all things that move upon the earth. CNN reports the jobs situation "looks grim" as jobless and homeless people continually increase. We will see a desperate winter as the suffering of the people increases rapidly. Until the power over the banks is broken the people will suffer more and more. It truly will take a complete collapse. Imagine how much money the banks make on overdrafts and the credit card companies make on overdraft and on late payment charges at $39.00. Imagine at 32% interest where every 3 years the interest matches the principal amount. America is the credit card capital of the entire world and we are due a year of Jubilee. The collapsing dollar will defang the bloody war machine of the United States & Israel. Even with all the modern technology this old world has not advanced in common sense from Roman days when the Romans made a sport of killing Christians in the Coliseum. Sports today comes out first before the war news and we do not care how many we kill. The modern Christian Protestant Church advocate all-out war against sovereign nations. Where is brotherly love & the missionary spirit which is the foundation of Christianity? The church at large is missing the main ingredient of the original Christian Bible Church. The hammer is falling & the ball is dropping on Times Square for perhaps the final time. If you did not get your bailout then be thankful and focus your attention on the real God. Learn to live and eat vegetarian. Make no debt and increase your wealth only naturally. Give what you have to the poor and follow The Lord God Yesu Yahweh all your days. Across country and the world massive protests are taking place against this Israeli war. Does Israel have a right to exist? You must go back to history to see that the original Jews that oppose Israel and their war are not the ones in power in Israel in modern time. The Zionist Russian Khazar Israelites are Edomites basically from the land of Georgia. You never see the Orthodox Hebrews opposition to the State of Israel but it is there in abundance. You never get the truth from the government or the biased television media. The 1948 takeover of Palestine from the British was invalid. The Palestinians were then uprooted from their rightful homes and it has been nonstop war & living hell ever since. We are all the seed of Abraham. Where is the "great nation" they continue to quote to validate their claim on Jerusalem? My advice is to get the facts straight before firing off.