February 3, 2008 journal, a novel about a butterfly is reviewed on CBS Sunday Morning. Let us not be complacent about the war or the economic disaster field we're now entering. John McCain's strategy is the road to total annihilation with 35 countries having nuclear. National mandated health care is forced treatment and prerequisite for Nazi convenience. The one 'cure-all' is however now happening being the death of the dollar that fuels' it all. It is vitally important everyone understand the Federal Reserve is not federal government. People can hear this many times but it does not seem to register in them psychologically. The name Fed or Federal Reserve is very deceptive but it is entirely owned by the banks. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was intended to be deceptive as it gave over our money to the international banking conspiracy headed by the Illuminati whose birth date is 1776 in Germany. The Illuminati was organized the same year as the United States Declaration of Independence was signed & this is manifested on the dollar bill, not birth of America. To fully understand the creation of money it is important for everyone to read the Jeffrey West article on creation of money. They create money bravely because they are separate, they authorize it and the Treasury Department prints it or at least enough of it to circulate. Confidence in the money is its only asset but once that confidence is lost money is dead. The government cannot make money spend, they can only work within the system as it was set up in 1913 and ask the Fed for more debt money to invest in the stock market & in the dollar to keep it strong and spendable. This administration with the approval of Congress is bleeding this country to death to finance the wars and corrupt extravagance. A man told me that right now we need cash in hand. He means to buy up all the bargains. It's all foolishness and the American people have been had as the soldiers have been had. I continue quoting from the Jeffrey West article "So the money supply is contracting quickly from asset deflation such as housing, which rapidly erases personal wealth, yet the money supply continues to expand. Economists say the recession of 1981-82 was the worst since the great depression, yet the main difference between then and now is that high interest rates could be cut then for economic stimulation, whereas now our low interest rates cannot be cut much more. This is called a "liquidity trap" which also pre-ceded the Depression, wherein it becomes difficult to inject more money into the system to revive the economy. The U.S. economy is now like a car out gas in the desert, which is the inevitable bursting of the financial bubble which actually began when Nixon ended the gold standard. Since only new debt can create new money, when only a few can still borrow; Fed director "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke said he will drop hundred dollar bills from a helicopter to get money into the system if necessary. Meanwhile, lower interest rates and other factors are causing foreign countries to devalue our dollar and decrease our purchasing power. The result is the worst of all scenarios wherein personal assets wealth is rapidly decreasing while imports such as gasoline and oil rapidly inflate, which is altogether more significant with our decimated manufacturing base. The only real sol-ution is a new currency and financial system, and the elite (Illuminati) obviously prefer the Amero to unite Canada, Mexico and America thus destroying the U.S. sovereignty. Unfortunately, some Christians have been deceived by failing to understand the concept of money, and by some televangelist preaching prosperity doctrine that all Christians should be rich. Some of these preachers are now under federal investigation, they may have believed and certainly caused their followers to believe, 'Satan's illusion' as they saw our artificial economic prosperity produced by a rapid increase of printed money".