February 7, 2008 journal, today is Chinese New Year with horrendous storms preventing the workers getting home to celebrate from southern China. We are seeing many rare and unnatural disasters in the world. Angelina goes to Iraq to try and help the Iraqi refugees. Viol*ence covers this nation from coast to coast as the cable channels Chase like a Fox. A bold statement by the governor of Tennessee "this is the wrath of God upon the earth". It is hard to tell if storms like this are of God are of Satan. Certainly I do expect God to release his wrath upon this earth and Satan may be the vehicle that propels destruction. This country has certainly earned the wrath of God with all the war and wicked abortion. Good news from the Republican campaign trail with Romney putting his race on hold. Mitt Romney quit the race after speaking to a Washington annual Conservative Political Action Committee which seemed to surprise everyone by his ending his speech to quit. That is the best thing I have heard today and he should resign after last week's debacle in Columbia South Carolina where he lied about having a lobbyist in his campaign. An A/P reporter called Romney out on the issue naming the registered lobbyist in his campaign. Romney also made health insurance mandatory in Massachusetts with people being fined that do not have it, he also approved same-sex gay marriage and campaigned for abortion. This country does not need a turncoat that changes with the wind for any political reason. Romney could not win in Iowa with his $4.5 million spent against Hullabee's $300,000. What was he doing speaking to a "conservative"? conference? They have Reaganed the people to death. The Republicans have no candidate at all other than Ron Paul who they treat like to step child but now they may need him and he will most likely come to front. John McCain is pro-life, pro-gun and pro war according to his speech before the CPAC convention in Washington today, he is a pitiful excuse for a presidential candidate and he is unfair in his accusations about Democrats raising your taxes. He has been unfair to Ron Paul accusing him of being like Hitler when he is not. George Allen was on stage as the buzzards come out of their roost. We can never be sure these bad people will not rise again. John McCain sets out to deceive people about the killing war, raising taxes and big government as he describes it. What could be bigger than the government we have? He wants to expand and continue eavesdropping on the American people. Romney pulled a dirty trick in his last speech today saying his campaign was helping Democrats promote terrorism. Withdrawing from Iraq is not surrender as Republicans try to make it sound. These arrogant politicians are not worthy to be president of anything because they fail to speak the truth even if they know the truth they speak lying politics instead of the truth. No man can be both pro-war and pro life because both abortion and war does kill people. Hillary had to loan her campaign $5 million and that does not sound good by her thinking she is the only candidate that can win. The race is not over yet for either party and they are open for a surprise of a new face surfacing or from the independent parties and win. These politicians are not honest and are not trustworthy. It's established that Washington is broken and there seems to be no way to fix it because of the propaganda news media. They filter the truth & slant the message until it means the reverse from truth completely. I am not a Democrat and I do not support any pro war or pro death candidate but I do know when candidates are cheating and deceiving the public like Romney and McCain are both doing. We have had a super lying president for 8 year's and I never trusted him before. Now they say the Democrats are adding pork to the stimulus bill by trying to include the unemployed, the old people, the veterans and the poor people of America.