February 12, 2008 journal, people take authority for truth rather than truth for authority. This is a quote from the site "they are taking authority for truth rather than truth for authority". How do we enlighten the people to achieve the proper behavior & understanding in critical times of uncertainty with fear being spread? There is a move on in Europe to fingerprint every tourist coming there and put them on a worldwide computer for all nations to share. Sounds like they don't want tourist business. In Florida a sheriff's department arrested a paraplegic and dumped him out of his wheel chair for a traffic violation breaking 2 ribs. A passing deputy laughed about it happening. It was all caught on videotape and now the guilty parties have been for now suspended. The war mentality encourages officers to mistreat their victim's, this is one of the worst. The overwhelming vote for Obama shows how determined people are for an outsider. The almighty famous popular blackberry network went down for three hours yesterday. Congolese Rice is having herself an event to explain away the conspiracy theories of the dollar symbols saying it is not operated by the Lodge or other fraternities as accused. The government is insisting on a 30 days grace period for all those 90 days behind in mortgage payments except for those that got them fraudulently as they express it. Now the list of delinquencies is reported to have spread far beyond the sub prime Mortgages. General Motors is reporting a $36 billion loss said to be the largest loss ever in history. The nation is tangled in 50 car collisions on icy frozen roads Northwest and Northeast. Next on the health list is to 'alkaline' your blood so it will not be destructively acidic. I continue to paint on the state the things I know about it entering from Interstate 95 in the Northeast at South of the Border and Dillon I will paint a bride & groom with the word marriage. I have painted Pageland and underneath I have painted watermelons. Thousands drive across the border for a quick marriage from the north eastern states. Congress passed the eavesdropping bill today making it retroactive to cover the crimes of the communication companies that shared information on the spying for government. Where is the Democratic Congress that should have held the government accountable? NBC is replaying an officer dumping a paralyzed man out of his wheel chair after he was arrested for a simple traffic violation breaking 2 of his ribs. They however removed the scene where another officer walked by laughing about it. The victim was on the Today Show with his lawyer saying police brutality is widespread even worldwide. Another scene on CNN where an officer grabbed a skateboarder with a choke hold and throw him to the ground taking his skateboard away while verbally abusing him also, I must say that too much power is given to the police. It appears to me the collapse of the dollar will cure all these ills. Where is the bill Congress passed to distribute free money? Obviously, it is more important to w little George to sign the bill legalizing his activities as president. A new division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation as been developed to license local businesses to spy and to kill as per one article on the Internet and this is very risky to say the least. What about this government is different than Russia or Germany in their time? The name of the new agency is Infragard and it is in my opinion a rewarding agency for Republican votes in this administration. As the cripple man said, we're being suppressed. This country is getting too complicated and being a bad influence on the world promoting fear and instability. Pat Roberson announced that Hugo Chavez was threatening to cut off our oil. That he is because a British bank has frozen bank accounts having billions belonging to Venezuela on deposits. Pat did not tell it all. I guess the U.S. demanded it.