February 17, 2008 journal, our pharmaceuticals and lollipops are now made in China. We're having trouble with both. A medication drip while people are being operated on has killed some and now even Valentine lollipops are being recalled. It is a strange time. Something is wrong when IG Farben's NBC is letting their reporters talk free about the crisis we face and dare to tell the unbiased truth as Keith Olberman on their MSNBC. Could it be the situation is out of hand and not going as planned? Read my journal for yesterday where the president is rebuked for trying to protect Mega corporations like AT&T and Horizon for spying as a double agent against the American people. He gets up on television and says he is protecting the American people but he is lying & instead is protecting major corporations that collaborate with him on illegal activities in spying. They appear to be planning to merge the United States with Mexico and Canada very soon to issue the Amero money to replace the dollar. This will be part of the universal government coming from the Babylonian Tower of Babel the workings of people going back to the Old Testament. This USA system is history and the question in my mind is, can this government or the foreign power behind it maintain control of the people? They plan to of course but may not be able to. When this happened to Russia, government disintegrated and I predict that will happen here also the States will not have power to function because the dollar will be dead but we still grow cotton. We just do not have the weaving plants like we did in the Piedmont area 50 years ago to be independent. You know what they say about the best laid plans, no matter what they have planned, God is in control, this nation may just suddenly be delivered of its debt & persecution. As of today we are supposed to be free from the hellish surveillance by government. When little George breaks the law he just changes the law telling Congress what to do. It is not if a collapse happens but when it will happen & it seems to be happening now. A seasoned hedge fund manager quoted in my February 13th journal predicts a total universal economic collapse and 20 million foreclosures here in America with inflation. He does not mention the dollar being replaced by the Amero or any future operations. To look on the brighter side, those people will most likely be still living in foreclosed homes with no taxes to pay and of course, no services. There may be no electricity or even running water, it will be an experience of back to nature to provide for ourselves. Why is the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations supporting Mike Huckabee even though he is a member, perhaps the present administration has gotten uncontrollable. They see their empire crumbling and indeed it is crumbling and the sooner the better. It is time for the American people to wake up and to stop being slaves to the banks. They may be planning a North American Union but I do not believe it will get that far. When a country goes into anarchy nothing can be accomplished. The European Union was volunteer. American citizens are not likely to stand idly by and let Amero happen. I will now paint the Gaffney giant water tank peach on the state and a rainbow in the northwest corner using the seven colors of the rainbow being red orange yellow green blue indigo and violent. Besides being colorful it will say that we are suffering for rain. I have painted across the right hand top the words- past present and future, then I have painted a little boy and girl holding hands beside the word future. Cherokee County grows more peaches than any other place in the world and they are the very best tasting. Governor Sanford is now in the news as a possibility for John McCain's running mate. I like Sanford because he can talk and express himself and he appears to be most honest. I like him best for carrying 2 pigs into the statehouse to illustrate the pork and barrel. I painted a picture of him carrying the 2 pigs one under each arm and this was an act against politics altogether bringing him much criticism from the political establishment.