February 19, 2008 journal, who will want to eat any beef after seeing the animal abuse and terrible slaughter of sick cows by Hallmark Beef Company in California on T.V.? Millions of tons of beef was fed to children in schools & much of it is sold frozen to be eaten later. Is there anyone home in this fat society to listen and to care about animals? The collapse of the dollar will correct a lot of ills and may eliminate the obesity problem. When there is no gas in the tank & no food in the culbert then people will pray & seek God for help and direction. The churches will be filled to an overflow 7 days a week. A report now says people are falling behind on their car payments in addition to their house payments and most people I see are now expecting the economy to collapse. The urgency of the fear of movement is refuted by those in the know saying America is not in more danger due to the spy program elapsing, that we have safeguards in place. Little George was pushing that bill so hard to vindicate AT&T and Vorizon wireless. To think every phone call or fax or e-mail is shared with the government for scrutiny. Fear is a market tool fully used by this administration to legalize their vicious crimes. The great empire of Mystery Babylon has played its last big hand and the curtains are coming down. Television is losing its audience to ipods and the computer information age. The central bank is collapsing & with it the American dream of being independent. In a way this will be a cleansing of so-called apocalyptic proportion or Revelation book of prophecy being fulfilled. We have metaled in the affairs of other nations and we have killed innocent people on the battlefield deliberately under the guise of war and we have aborted our own babies at least 50 million since Roe vs. Wade 1972 Supreme Court ruling negating the Thou shalt not Kill law of every state in this nation and now we will most likely experience anarchy with the people living in the streets hungry and dying. THE LAW CLUB Presents-Professor of Law - MEL STAMPER http://markmccoy.com/quixote.html Professor Melvin Stamper is a nationally-known lecturer and the best selling author of one of the most damaging books ever written about Government treason, "High Priests of Treason: The Federal Reserve." His extensive background includes being an Adjunct Law Professor and a highly sought-after talk radio and television show personality. LEARN: HOW OUR NATION'S CONSTITUTION WAS DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOU. ANSWERS TO THESE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: 1. Have you heard of the War Powers Act and how it affects you? 2. Does Common Law exist on the Federal level? 3. Does the Common Law still exist in any venue? 4. Can I re-establish my Allodial Title (non-taxable, absolute dominion) to my property? 5. Ever wonder why there is no $ sign before the amount you owe on property tax? 6. What taxes are you liable for? IRS jurisdiction - where does it end? 7. What tax liens are illegal and what can you do about them? YOU WILL BE TAUGHT ABOUT: 1. The complex tax scheme and how to beat the grim reaper at his game using federal law. 2. Denial of corporate existence - dismissal for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. 3. Application of the Habeas Corpus Writ and how it is used. 4. Rules of Court and Civil Procedure. 5. Common Law vs. Statutory Law and the jurisdictional implications of each. 6. Stopping home foreclosures - how to save your home in bank foreclosure proceedings. JOIN US IN THIS EXCITING - INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP Entire civilizations have been lost due to lack of knowledge. Ours is no exception. Countless numbers of innocent Americans continue to lose their businesses, homes and life savings - even their children are being forced to assume what the IRS may wrongfully conceive as their tax liability! This law class will be a turning point and most enlightening week of your life. During this jam-packed week of training, you will get the information, skills and support you need to be an effective "belligerent claimant in person." As an individual, or as a sui juris Legal Education Team, you will be able to mount a formidable legal action to achieve your survival objectives in spite of the court that considers you incompetent to represent yourself (non compos mentis). Remember, if you are represented by an Attorney, you cannot challenge the jurisdiction of the court, as the Attorney is an officer of the court and he is presumed to plead after having obtained leave (from you), which admits the jurisdiction. TOPICS COVERED: Shelter of Assets, The Law, Juristic Personality, The Legal System, Rules of Court, Jurisdiction, Tax, Expatriation, War Powers