January 2, 2008 journal, the hanging of my art show at Union University, Jackson, Tenn. A Christian University aligned with the Baptist Convention with 2500 students and was definitely an experience for me. Their selection of the seven days of creation along with the Revelation art was seemingly perfect combination and the excitement of the students and staff was most heartwarming to me. Christianity begins with one big welcome for all people. This is one Time the art was made for the gallery to fit the size and description in separate display. My car was extremely full of art and the 8x15 ft. canvas was rolled up. Union University is relatively new and beautiful sprawling facility on Jackson's west side. The art director is Lee Benson who had work in the Threshold's traveling art show of the South Carolina Arts Commission. The dollar has hit a new low and crude oil has hit $100 per barrel which is highest ever. The stock market fell 250 points which will result in those hedge funds being used to buy.