January 11, 2008 journal, we are all Israelites, servants of God are his favorite people. Ron Paul said that we treat Israel like a stepchild and we do. Also, that we support the Arab nations that surround Israel which is arming their enemies & we interfere in their decisions. We do that also when it comes to decisions of Israel because we are Israel. We are not that tiny dependant nation wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and the West Bank. We are the great promised land that God promised to Abraham originally. Except for Ron Paul the Republican candidates all offer more of the same 100 year war. The end of this insanity has come as we see the dollar falling fast and all the banks are in a crisis merging. The stock market is a roller-coaster gambling casino ready to collapse. Israel will have to find a new sponsor and gopher to fight their wars to wipe out all their neighbors. There will be war no more when the dollar collapses and that great city is no more. The great American empire has come to its end and no man on earth can save it. This is the time of God and the forecast judgments coming down to avenge evil mankind. The pitiful stupid idiot candidates debating in Myrtle Beach actually argue over whether or not there is a recession while bank's collapse all around them and the dollar falls daily. The Fed chairman offered one-half percent cut in interest rates while they produce more phony money to buy stocks and to buy the dollar daily like a snake eating on its own tail. The big black hole I am painting of Mystery Babylon will show in shadows the printing press pumping out money obscure. The images of Mystery idol Babylon are everywhere. Ron Paul is branded anti Semitic because among other things he advocates stopping all aid for Israel and the Arab nations. The branding Iron of antiSemiticism is Israel's most lethal weapon. They ask Ron Paul a question, why you think you are electable? In an arousing answer he said because he represents what the Republican Party used to be as conservative. I say Abraham Lincoln was no conservative. Whenever and wherever there is politics there is corruption and that corruption now has come to a head finishing America. Paul said we borrow billions from China & give it to that dictator in Pakistan, "that we fight the war on borrowed money". The parable of the rich man and Lazarus, the rich man said I will tear down my barns and build greater but his life soon ended. Nothing on this earth is permanent. No politician has any answers but only fairy tales. We need a new flag now for those Navy vessels to say coalition forces because that is how we identified ourselves to the Iranian vessels as we passed through the area waters. American Express is merging as the industry weakens & money has dried up causing a recession and worse. There is a committee working on plans to try and get money into the population so they will go out and spend it even if they do drop it from helicopters. It don't matter much if people work for the money or if it's given to them so long as the economy does not go bust. People act like they're on a different brain wave spaced out. Something is happening when we have 70 degrees here in the dead of winter but it is not global warming, it is something much hotter & I believe it is the real judgments of God. Gold today is nearly $950.00 per oz and oil is $100 per barrel proof of the dollar decline. We train our military to be human butchers as manifested by the killing at Camp Lejeune. I will hang a shingle on one of the seven spikes of the Statue of Liberty to say Patriot Act. 2 of the fins are shown broken off and one will have a sign hanging on it saying 'torture'. I will show the Constitution floating down the river with footprints on it. God, I believe, will allow our enemies to rule over us. When a political party, a church or people turn a deaf ear to the truth and abuse those who dwell on the truth it is time for God's judgment.