January 15, 2008 journal, he is peddling our military hardware to the Arab countries as the last resort to build support for an attack upon Iran which United's nations say will be suicide. Pushing a $20 billion military arms deal to Saudia Arabia and other Arab states. I cannot believe my ears or eyes as I see the Battle of Armageddon developing right now. I recommend Norbert H Kox's book The End is Come and available from This book is the greatest message man could hear at this point in time and verifies my fear of spending a night in New York since the 1990s. Everything appears to be taking place now. Pat Roberson today scolded the president for selling $20 billion in military hardware to Arab nations on this his current trip to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain along with other Arab nations including Dubai the world's pride and joy for even Donald Trump. It appears now that the stock market bust, the dollar collapse and a total banks failure are being the first to come to devastate the great city Mystery Babylon. The Big Apple. Lay prophecy aside from an economic point of view it is sure to collapse and I wanted to paint it as it stood to show why it collapsed. The collapse of this economic system is imminent. 2 percent of American homes are under foreclosure now making us a waste land because they cannot resell those homes to anyone. This is why the cities are suing the banks. The banks evict the homeowners letting the houses decay and the homeless are in the way of this nation living a normal life. I am excited about the book, The End is Come because I believe it to be sure in the will of God and inspired by his Holy Spirit on everything said. Schwarzenegger is turning loose his non-violent prisoners because the state of California cannot afford to keep them any longer. You will most likely see this in every state soon. The collapse in New York will be the collapse in Washington and all across this country. CBS News last night had a report of nearly 1 million disabled people that cannot get help from the Social Security administration even though they paid in their dues. This country is bankrupt. The average waiting time is 3 years even if they approve the disabled claim. Most people becoming disabled are denied disability systematically by this government. The pharmaceutical industry admits their cholesterol lowering pills do not work. In fact, they potentially cause heart attacks. No wonder I did the painting called Chemical Man. Mitt Romney is desperate to win Michigan today while Detroit has lost a million jobs and has become a ghost town after being America's strongest city with 1.8 million people. I see all America following suit as Detroit is a model of our decay. Last year Detroit tried to sell 150 houses the city-owned at auction but not one buyer showed up. Detroit now is exactly one half size of what it was during the high of the auto industry made in America. Detroit has become a crimes fiasco and those jobs will not return in light of government regulations and the unions that killed easy free production of the industry in this country. Trudeau was on television again with his book on natural cures which the FDA hates, it is an established fact that the FDA is there to protect the pharmaceutical companies and their profits, not the American people. He mentioned that simple linseed oil could cure potentially fatal diseases and vitamin C from oranges daily would cure scurvy and then of course many other diseases. I have found an orange a day will prevent common colds. The foolishness of arguing over immigration and it's too late to build a fence on Mexican border. The CEO of bankrupt Countrywide Financial merging with Bank of America is getting $110 million severance pay even though he is credited with causing the sub prime dilemma. The banking lobbyist successfully got a bankruptcy revision law pasted to not release the debtor from their debt. Thank God that it got derailed and never became law. Every rich Arab nation including Kuwait are buying up America's financial institutions. The future for the American people may be that we will live under Moslem religious law. 5 percent of credit card debt is delinquent.