January 18, 2008 journal, every dollar you borrow represents Federal Reserve debt note. The dollar is diminishing and every dollar you have represents a debt to the United States government under this system. The United States is being bled to death by central bank. http://www.geocities.com/northstarzone/FED.html The central bank is the Federal Reserve which is owned by foreign banks & in particular the Rothschild Bank of London. The Benanke is meeting with Congress today explaining the economic downturn recession trying to generate a cash infusion of $1 billion into the economy to help the sagging sales and all tamale the GNP, the gross national product per annum witch is showing up as declining. this is one step closer to the dropping of money from helicopters. Congress is trying desperately to find a way to stimulate the economy. They have just announced that the Arab nations have suddenly purchased a big part of Wall Street and even Merrill Lynch is in serious trouble with major losses. The Federal Reserve banks are collapsing in New-York and in London. Their magic is diminishing. Phony money is not forever. The financial reports are double talk in desperation to fool the world one more day at a time. As far as money goes, that is our current money that is called currency, all you need to know is in the geocities website listed up above here. I expect the $ dollar will collapse anytime now and the states will become independent suddenly. New York will be a ghost town overnight and Wall Street will be no longer. The debts of the world will suddenly vanish. "In one hour such great riches is come to nought". Home mortgages will be uncollectible and credit-card debt will vanish away. There will be no more banks. There will be no more law & order or employees of any government. The natural resources of this land will return to the people free of charge. Today is the first day Congress has recognized this Great economic Depression this country is in and have serious it may become. They have been thinking about their own gut. This renegade administration is suggesting tax cuts and rebates to the tune of 140 billion which is 100 billion more when they gave to New-York one city. The sad news is that they are bluffing. They will not, maybe even cannot give any money whatsoever. Look at New Orleans if you want to see a total failure to help people or cities in crisis. They want to raise hopes so they offer the people false hopes and never do anything. The I-R-Snake already said they do not have adequate facilities to mail out any refunds. Dirty politics are in full motion on the evil the primary with 30 phone calls while the TV does not report on Ron Paul, they only offer 4 Republican candidates. I like Ron Paul's blimp saying Ron Paul Revolution. For $5 a month you can block all the machine calls. Mitt Romney proved himself an absolute liar yesterday in Columbia South Carolina in a news conference at Staples office supply store when associated Press reporter Glen Johnson who was sitting on the floor running his laptop under the mikes screamed out twice that "that is not true" that he has no Washington lobbyist. He said Ron Kaufman is a lobbyist. Most of the reporters knew Kaufman was a lobbyist for the Bu*sh campaign. Romney declared repeatedly that he had no Washington lobbyist running his campaign. He then abruptly stepped around the counter and returned to continue the argument and it was then that the A/P reporter rose to his feet and in reply to another bold statement by Romney is as I understood he said "you have a semitic running your campaign". Romney said the guy was just an adviser and not on the payroll but it was stated later that he was on his payroll. This was broadcast on every major news outlet in the world and Romney suddenly left the state before Saturdays primary voting. Our goofy newest senator Jim Lamint was shown with Romney during his visit Thursday. A film clip from CBS 6:00 p. news posted on website did not show the second goround and the statement about semitics. One of Romney's campaign men severely scolded a p Johnson saying he had no right to argue with a candidate. It appears the new age candidates are making up their own rules as they go. Do badge carrying Pressman not have the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution? copy of text posted on at the Internet CBS News as follows- January 17, 2008. During a press conference this morning, GOP presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, was interrupted and confronted by a reporter from the Associated Press about his statement that he doesn't have any lobbyists running or tied to his campaign. Romney was clearly agitated, but unfortunately for him, the reporter, Glen Johnson, was right - Romney is often seen on the campaign trail with Ron Kaufman, who is indeed, a powerful lobbyist. Mitt then decides to split hairs with Johnson, telling him that Kaufman didn't run his campaign, he was just an adviser, but he would have none of it. Romney also claims Kaufman isn't a paid adviser, but in fact, he is . Things got a bit ugly at times and at the end of this clip we see Johnson being scolded for angering the candidate. Of all the nerve... CBS has more: "I don't have lobbyists running my campaign," Romney said. "I don't have lobbyists that are tied to my ... " "That's not true, governor!" Johnson suddenly interjected. "That is not true. Ron Kaufman is a lobbyist." It is important to open and read above site to understand where the money came from and where it's going off dear Norbert-on page 124 of your wonderful book the end is come you refer to the j-e-ws and I assume you refer to all people who call themselves J-e-ws. I guess I'm just thinking of Jews in 2 or more categories. the real House of Israel & the house of Esau. Revelation 2. actually there are a dozen or more types of J-e-ws but not near as many as there are types of Protestants. There is only one type of Catholics for the most part. Already the Je-ws will label you as anti Semitic because you said they demonstrated against the Zionist of the modern state of Israel. They're all for the so-called fundalmentalist Christ-Protestant church for thinking they are God's favorite people. I suppose I just expect now to see them identified as cababalist or as talmudest but there is sure nothing wrong with the way you've stated it. Someone told me recently to be ware of messianic J-e-ws and after meeting the one at the TV station I think it's good advice. I felt I encountered the devil with the same feeling I get when I see Benny henn on TV. Or Jack vanipy. certainly, they will not accept Yesu as their savior, none of them will accept Yesu/Yahweh. It seems the J-e-ws have sent the messianics to distort the truth like the pope sent 15,000 mary men to the New Orleans conference on the Holy Spirit in the 1980's. When you say watered-down the gospel that impressed me because for years I have considered most churches and especially the Baptist Church limiting the gospel to one act of salvation and being extremely critical of all deeper experiences such as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. these people with their English Protestant Bible sure do water-down the fire of the Holy Spirit. what a pity they are cheating themselves. We got 4 in. of snow. Ophir Winfrey interviewed a Dr. today who said we need 15 minutes of sunshine every day for vitamin D and this is exactly what I have said for years. She said black people need three times more sunshine and vitamin D than white people. the MD said also that we need 8 to 10 hours of sleep per day and it would make a big difference in the way we feel and our overall health. She said also we may need digestive enzymes after age 50. Mormon Mitt Romney met his match today in a Staples office supply store in Columbia South Carolina when a reporter ask him why he hired a lobbyist to run his campaign for president. -you know he just won Michigan. Rommey was angry and shouted at him repeatedly that he does not have a lobbyist running his campaign. After leaving he circled the counter and came back for another word with the reporter at which time the reporter said to him "you do have a lobbyist on your team advising you", then he said something I have never heard before "you have a semitic running your campaign". this is what came up in the closed caption text and they are replaying it on every TV channel tonight calling Romney a liar. they are not expounding on the semitic word. Rommey from the beginning has been accused of lying. MS NBC reported tonight that he does have a registered lobbyist that travels with him and advises him and I assume he is one of the thousand neocon Zionist lobbyist in Congress. In any case Romney is losing in South Carolina to huckaby preacher from Arkansas and to John McCain number-one who is a promoter of more war and he is courting Jewish Pro Israel Joe Lieberman for VP. I think this is more dangerous than Mormon Romney. Washington is suddenly desperate to fix the failing economy.