January 22, 2008 journal, emergency Fed action to reduce interest to prevent a recession. This country is definitely in a depression but they want you to think everything will be ok. Awakening on the beach front to see the sunrise and the changing tide and the seagulls The stock market dropped 364 points but I have been predicting that for 10 years now. The Fed has been up all night trying to figure out how to jump-start this failed economy. If the dollar collapses then their mysterious multitrillion dollar debt will be uncollectible. The politicians are pumping more hot air into the balloon but it will not last much longer. The mystery of Wall Street in Mystery Babylon no longer has its power or world control. Heath Ledger Star of Broke Back Mountain gay movie dead at 28 in Manhattan and they expect it was suicide. He was currently starring in a dry killer movie. He had pneumonia. Promoting of a gay lifestyle in the movies may have devastating effects on any individual. How many billions did the Fed invest over the weekend abroad to stabilize the market? The Fed is like the voting machines with no track record and all their stacked hedgefunds. It don't take much to buy some people when they have no principles, maybe just a lunch. All this hot air about why Wall Street is failing is a bunch of baloney and any fifth grader can see that it is because of General Motors massive losses, every airline losing money. It is because the dollar is sinking and America is homeless & jobless with moral decay and the judgments of God are finally coming down upon us as a reprobate nation. A young lady is missing in Reno Nevada where the authorities have interviewed 100 sex offenders living within a 1 mile radius of her home. That is double the ratio here in a peaceful town. Still, why do we have 50 sex offenders within a 1 mile radius? It is because the churches have failed to instill Christian values of morality in the hearts and minds of the residence. We are a reprobate nation living inside of God for the devil in disgrace and hopelessness. The political storm races on but only one candidate is honest and fair telling the truth for all the American even though a majority of them are not listening thinking this utopia will continue forever. Michael Hullabee's plan to add a 30% national sales tax will break this country faster than the war. Under an added federal tax retired people would be in crisis. Their Social Security checks are already far below the poverty level but retired people do not count in this greedy political equation of selfishness. Republican candidates advocate the president's failed policy with the exception of Ron Paul who tells the truth to was all. The New York financial crisis threatens the global economy because it is integrated into the financial banking system of the entire world. One website velvetrevolution.us says there is no light in Ben Benake's eyes, he is a dark individual and that seems to be true. The website comes on with a blob of the President pointing his finger and saying nobody could have predicted that I would start a civil war in Iraq, that I would violate the Geneva Convention, that I would record telephone calls of innocent citizens. The charges go on. A report in the N.Y. Times of mercury in fish although not the first should be considered serious and those at the tuna fish and sushi, maybe in other Japanese dishes as well what sword fish and shark being high on the list of mercury bearing Sea Food poisoning. The Iraqi people said today in a rally for the American soldiers to go home like an order. NBC News reported the Feds paid $5 million to one man who reported on the hijacker who confessed to planning the whole thing but 2 other flight trainers say they were really the first to report the obvious Arab in flight school. In any case this is a sham because this man was not a part of the plan in my opinion. They beat a confession out of him, he was proud to confess to it just for the heck of it at Guantanamo Bay torture prison Cuba. January 23, 2008 journal, let us take charge of our own health starting with sunshine for vitamin C of 15 minutes a day. Avoid sugar, preservatives and mono sodium glutamate MSG. Avoid meat, milk, sugar, refined flour and processed table salt for a beginning. Get exercise daily and have peace of mind at all costs. Avoid television and newspapers. The national news media is biased and not working for the best interest of the American people corporately or governmental. Avoid all doctors and hospital and pharmaceuticals. Have a positive attitude and be forgiving. Be creative and listen to the birds sing daily. There is definite evidence that the elections are fixed to win for the losers of this empire. The trackless Las Vegas gambling voting machines are proven to be fixable and flexible. In New Hampshire 33 people voted for Ron Paul in one precinct but the count was zero. South Carolina has a groundswell for Ron Paul especially strong in the Myrtle Beach area but the election results was a straight 4% only and not near what the polls were showing. The bankers are still in control until God destroys this system same as he did Sodom and Gomorrah. The judgment of God is upon us. People have gone crazy killing each other. The president will get his Iraqi war money continued by agreeing to Congress passing out emergency money to stimulate the economy. The question now is if it will be a tax rebate or will it be given to everyone including those on Social Security who no longer pay tax? There is talk of dropping it from helicopters so people will take it to the stores and spend. Right now it is the economy in question and of great concern more than people concern. International Wall Street is about to topple and all the king's horses & all the King's men cannot put it back together again. Fred Thompson just resigned from the race and that's the only smart thing he has said because he brings nothing different to the political scene. 3 writers in the local Times Examiner newspaper weekly or extremely worth reading but the rest are a waste of paper. The Times Examiner is basically Republican conservative. Extremely timely and worth reading are the articles by Ben Graydon, Chuck Baldwin and Steven Yates. All 3 of these writers seem to have mind of God in extraordinary wisdom. Craft of deception will flourish in the last days according to prophecy & it is on schedule. MSNBC reported the president lied 935 times and even more than the vice president. Lies of cabinet members were also extremely high and they say calls for impeachment. Public television tonight aired a 2 hour Jewish program that included migration from Russia and the civil-rights movement reporting that 6 million Jewish people today live in America. They do make a distinction between Jewish people and the program is and it is available to be ordered from PBS on the Internet. The program was sure very interesting. The term anti-Semitic seem to be developed when the blacks rejected the Jewish people from being involved in their demonstrations for equality. Jewish people were trapped in Russia and eventually were freed when Russia fell, they then emigrated mostly to Israel. I believe this program is an important key to history that has not been altered as much. Another million Jewish people are now reported to have been massacred in the Ukraine by Nazi Germany necessitating the changing of the arbitrary figure from 6 million dead in the Holocaust to 7 million even though Hitler did not seem to have occupied at that time. I looked up the Ukraine and it is slightly southeast of the straight route from Berlin to Moscow. it is possible Hitler could have killed people living there although most of the Khazar Jewish people lived further South West between the Caspian and Black Seas. My comments are not political, they are for information purposes only because I want to know and want my family to know the truth as I do want the world to know the real truth. one in 10 hotels are reported to catch on fire every year. plan your skate before you go to sleep. Do your parents duty to check all smoke alarms and ever rule under house that they have fresh batteries because you may need them to save your life and your families. 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