January 25, 2008 journal, a grand year of Jubilee will be when we are totally debt free. American people including largely the Christian church are blindfolded by propaganda. Watch television like zombies & get filled with false information particularly in politics but also in health matters including dangerous medicines and vaccinations that kill often. America is losing its opportunity to elect a straightforward truthful honest non politician. Ron Paul policies would save America if it is not already too late but the banksters will not allow it and conspire to discredit him. Christian people should be better enlightened but they have the tube in their homes belching out false doctrine and propaganda daily. The 50 million retired citizens cannot live on their meager little social security checks of 30 to $40 per day, yet they do not seem to be included in the stimulus package to save this failed economy. Ron Paul proposes to phase out Social Security so the 18 year-old citizens are not required to pay their wages to support the retired population. He is not proposing to stop paying those who have paid into the bankrupt system. He would cut out most departments of government that we can live without and be better off without. NBC News reported the Feds paid $5 million to one man who reported on the hijacker who confessed to planning the whole thing but 2 other flight trainers say they were really the first to report the obvious Arab in flight school. In any case this is a sham because this man was not a part of the plan in my opinion. They beat a confession out of him, he was proud to confess to it just for the heck of it at Guantanamo Bay torture prison Cuba. I cannot say enough about this phony reasoning to scare the American people into war. This government is about to empty up all its departments including Social Security. Ron Paul wants to phase out Social Security and cancel most all departments including the Department of education. The dollar is going bust so the end of this government is sure eminent, it's just a matter of when but it's near. We must be realistic to recognize what is going on and what is about to happen. Under the dollar system the government will have no way of functioning because of our dependence on imports for basic commodities. Any one should be able to see it coming. We see it happening daily. The best of people do listen to propaganda on the tube rather than read it in the Bible in Revelation Prophecy. The states to a degree would also be helpless to continue the taxation system based on the dollar. I can only see a total collapse of every business based on the dollar and every department of government. The banks are already broke but they're covering themselves to hid their collapse but with no money to loan. The foreign Fed had a big crisis over the holiday weekend with news leaking out of the second largest bank in France having lost $6 billion on the stock market which tells you where so much of the trading comes from. It comes out of banks secretly. How many more internal losses are being covered up? The ground will be leveled as the rich people with savings are reduced to zero like the homeless veterans that live under bridges. Most people owe money to the scum banks either on home mortgages or credit cards, these obligations will also be reduced to zero. I painted the collapse of Wall Street in 1996 and I have constantly warned of this near reality. I would prefer writing to you that everything is rosy and nice with a great future outlook for this country but then I would not be facing reality or telling the truth to you. Read Revelation Chapter 17 to learn "in one hour such great riches has come to nought". No more spendable money, no bank accounts or saving accounts, no more income or assets or debts. The system of greed will be defused. But poor people will be better off without debt and the rich people will all be poor like they are when they leave this world.