January 29, 2008 journal, I believe the Wanta story is true but if the government allows the bank to pay it out then they would have to admit to it happening in the first place and print out the money. The Fed just cannot afford to do it with things so shaky. I found a site which showed the deposits to Leo Wanta account at the Morgan Bank in New York but now I cannot find it just one day later. Each deposit was about a hundred billion dollars totaling more than one trillion altogether. This is the people's money and if it did grow to 27 trillion or more it would be enough to pay the national debt off and give every citizen of the United States enough to make them rich. Of course the banks are broke and cannot produce the money. It is easier for them to slander the messenger and discredit him, even imprison him for the good of their enrichment. It sounds like Reagan. "Who is Ambassador Leo Wanta? If only half of what can be found about him but (with little effort) is true, he should be a household name, investigated, interviewed, and Time and Newsweek would have dueling covers and Mike Wallace would be announcing his return. Most people have never heard of him, however, and the mainstream media are conspicuously avoiding him and what could be a huge story. Wanta is a cacophony of questions. * Is he the President Ronald Reagan-appointed trustor of TRILLIONS of dollars intended to be distributed to America, who * Despite his diplomatic 'privilege', was extradited from Switzerland for allegedly owing Wisconsin back taxes? * Was sentenced to a long term? * Then, after writing to Hillary Clinton about "Bill Clinton's short-term notes," got a letter from Erskine Bowles followed by a quick government 'get-out-of-jail card'? [http://www.aci.net/kalliste/wanta.htm] * Was allegedly instrumental in collapsing the Russian economy? * Is either a brilliant hero or a manipulative con man ... but the mainstream eschew any inquiry? If so, why? According to multiple sources, Wanta is attempting to repatriate $4.5 trillion back into the U.S. economy. Yes, TRILLION. That is not a typo. As of my writing this, our national debt was $8,532,356,592,155.72. That's $8 trillion, 532 billion, 356 million, 592 thousand, 155 dollars and 72 cents. The national 8 trillion, 532 billion, 356 million, 592 thousand, 155 dollars and 72 cents. The national debt [http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock] has continued to grow an average of $1.70 billion PER DAY since September 2005. So, where did all these trillions of dollars allegedly come from? No thanks to the either lazy or complicit mainstream media, search engines provide a lot of data worth either reporting or debunking ... but the silence is deafening. Often note that "It is not a question of WHO is right or wrong but WHAT is right or wrong that counts." In researching the 'Wanta trillions', several of the most prolific sources are admittedly on the Internet 'fringe'. Many are gadflies and provocateurs. However, there are also substantive, credible sources supporting the 'even a broken clock is right twice a day' axiom. Meanwhile the mainstream media (that spent months on the debunked Joe Wilson/Valerie Plame kerfuffle) haven't done 'Jack' about Wanta. The International Currency Review's Christopher Story claims to have gotten the "ambassador of a major foreign power to deliver to every New York newspaper" his reports on the Wanta story. [http://www.worldreports.org/news/25_wanta_default_trigge] Reportedly, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal et al. have the information and have chosen to ignore it. Why? The International Currency Review reports: "On the assumption that, as originally planned, the 'win-win', above-board, taxable transactions had started up with effect from 1st July 2006, and that the US Treasury would have earned around $200 billion of windfall taxes per banking day from that date forward, we calculate that the Treasury has so far deprived itself of on-the-books windfall taxes amounting to an estimated $10.6 trillion (= 53 banking days @ $200 billion tax receipts per banking day)." If true, THAT would wipe out our national debt AND put us in the black. Two major U.S. law firms reportedly helped negotiate the significant settlement that constitutes only a portion of the $27 trillion offshore fund established at the end of the Cold War. The New York Times". Today is my first to hear about it but the Internet is full of it and if the Fed confirms it then they would need to print the money to pay it and this is what they do not want to do. Check 4 other sites- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Wanta http://www.apfn.org/apfn/wanta.htm http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/archive.cgi?read=94674 http://www.rense.com/general72/recap.htm Trying to get the Leo Wanta story published in an American newspaper or broadcast on a television station is like trying to fight a grizzly bear with pocket knife. And trying to get top U.S. officials to talk, those high ranking officials caught with their scummy hands in the trillion dollar cookie jar, is like trying to get a cheating husband to admit he used the mortgage money on a hooker. But what's even more disturbing than watching the guilty parties squirm is that every member of the U.S. Congress, including the so-called friends of the patriot movement, are not even bothering to help the American people recover trillions and nab the criminals when, all of them know all too well, the Wanta story holds the key to the Illuminati's $27.8 trillion dollar financial treasure chest. Simply put, if they know about the Wanta story, they should do something about it. And if they say they don't know, they are either on the take or should leave Congress for being a blubbering idiot not capable of representing the people in a true and honest fashion. So, in a nutshell, the sad story in America is highlighted extremely well by Wanta's efforts to repatriate $4.5 trillion to revitalize the economy. And as incredible as it sounds it's a rather simple story of how Americans from the very top levels of power to the lower echelon covert idiot-operatives are selling out their country and their people for a piece of the illegal trillion dollar pie uncovered by Ambassador Wanta, a honorable man who refuses to bow down to the likes of the B*h and Clinton crime families. Before updating the latest in the Wanta trillions, remember every reader and every citizen has one choice when it comes to this story, a story that is true, verifiable and correct beyond normal legal standards of truth. The one choice is as follows: Be a true patriot and help America or be complicit in taking or allowing the criminals to steal trillions from the American people. Now the latest in the Wanta story from at home and abroad: n Michael C. Cottrell and Ambassador Wanta are pulling out all the stops and going after the full $27.8 trillion after U.S. authorities have not honored a written settlement, fashioned by two federal court judges, to release $4.5 trillion earmarked for the people on behalf of Wanta's AmeriTrust Groupe, Inc. There is no official word on Wanta's course of action to retrieve the money, leaving open all options including a federal law suit. n President George B**h, Attorney Gen. Alberto Gonzalez, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson, Jr., the entire Federal Reserve Board (controlled by foreign interests), Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Finance committee, and Rep. Michael Oxley of the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services are all remaining with their thumbs sucking in their mouths, not saying a word. n Former President George H. B*sh and President William Jefferson Clinton are hoping the story goes away quietly as financial documents in Wanta's possession shows clearly they have embezzled billions from the American people, making them eligible for felony charges. n The entire propaganda fortress of the American media, including quasi-alternative sources strategically located in Washington D.C. and elsewhere, are blocking the story with a Nazi-like fascist fist. Todd Leopold, a CNN entertainment producer, the only mainstream member commenting on the story in a widespread email, saying the government said Wanta is not who he says he is and there also exists a lack of trust worthiness involved in the International Currency Review and Arctic Beacon, the two main web sites covering the story. When confronted via telephone, Leopold backed off his comments, indicating he had never researched the story and was basing his opinion on government lies and false misconceptions about the truthfulness of many internet reporters. Further, he was told point blank to have people in the news department contact, the Arctic Beacon but the phones have remained silent perhaps because credible sources near the Wanta trillions have said some of the stolen trillion has actually been funneled to CNN. n Marco Saba, an Italian financial investigator involved with the Organized Crime Observatory (OCO) in Switzerland, knows the validity of the Wanta story and had this to say after hearing B* u*sh is blocking the $4.5 trillion settlement: "I see a link between the Vatican (OPUS DEI) and the strange behaving of BOA. I see the OPUS DEI behind the BOA behavior. Two weeks ago a banker from OPUS DEI, Mr. Roveraro, was found dead - QUARTERED. Do you remember Sindona and Marcinkus? When the Vatican feared for the communists to gain power in Italy, they disinvested here and invested in the U.S. - also in many shares of BOA. See the story about the dead banker from Richard Owen in Rome http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,3-2280543,00.html. n Sources from around the globe say the Wanta story is the hottest potato in every foreign embassy from Singapore to Paris, as the French are very interested in the story as they are due an estimated $5 billion of the Wanta funds held up by B*sh, who still must be convinced, like a card player caught cheating, the trillion dollar Illuminati booty and the Wanta Plan are now common knowledge amongst "the people in the know." For rest of story, more Wanta stories and informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com Disclaimer Email This Article SARAH McCLENDON'S WASHINTON REPORT 3133 Connecticut Avenue Suite 215 Washington, D.C. 20008 By Sarah McClendon Washington, D.C. --- Leo Wanta, whose purchase of huge sums in Russian rubles is credited with bringing down the Soviet Union in the Cold War, will be put through a third party lunacy test in Madison, Wisconsin circuit court on Tuesday. He has successfully been declared of sound mind in two previous lunacy tests under the Wisconsin state attorney general's office. His own attorney, James Shellow of Madison, Wis., is instituting this test. Shellow says that under the rules for attorneys in Wisconsin he has to notify the court that he thinks the lunacy test should be given. Shellow admits to being a former attorney for a deceased Mafia chief in Wisconsin named Belistiari. Shellow thinks Wanta will be declared sane in the upcoming hearing on Tuesday, but Shellow claims to know nothing as to how Wisconsin was able to extradite Wanta in chains and shackles from Switzerland, where he was doing business with Swiss banks after having given up his citizenship in Wisconsin. Wanta claims that he had just been made ambassador to Switzerland and Canada when Wisconsin state officials seized him bodily in Switzerland. Wanta claims that they took his briefcase from him at that time which contained billions in Treasury bills and Promise software technical equipment which the U.S. was using to get inside information about foreign treasuries. Although the briefcase was taken by Wisconsin authorities in 1993, it has never been returned to Wanta nor has he any knowledge of what happened to its contents. The charge is that he owed Wisconsin originally approximately $14,000. He claims to have paid back that amount in 1992. The state attorney general's office seized his house worth $120,000 and sold it for $60,000, but there is no record of this in the Department of Revenue in Wisconsin nor is there any trace of the proceeds from the sale. Wanta was buying rubles from Russia at the request of the President, Ronald Reagan. Wanta had worked at the White House, the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and six other govenment agencies during his career. He and President George Bu-h set up the Ameritrust account in the Credite Suisse bank for the U.S. government to use in case it needed to counter terrorists from overseas, according to Pat Cameron, Los Angeles attorney for Wanta. Wanta says that when former president George B-sh sought to withdraw funds from the $210 billion on deposit that Wanta, a co-signer of the account, refused to give his signature for the withdrawal because the funds, he said, belonged to the U.S. government, not to an individual. Reply to author Forward You must Sign in before you can post messages. To post a message you must first join this group. Please update your nickname on the subscription settings page before posting. You do not have the permission required to post. End of messages " Back to Discussions " Newer topic Older topic " In the report below, you will see that the $6.0+ trillion sent over to Bank of New York Mellon on 19th July, of which $4.5 trillion is required to be transferred to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta's corporate securities account, is backed by a 'levy' of six banks. Whenever $1.0 trillion or more is transferred in the United States, a 'levy' of four or six banks must sign the 'levy' and endorse the transaction, thereby encumbering their reserves in the process. The banks concerned in this case are: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, UBS, Bank of America, Citibank and Bank of England. While these banks have encumbered their reserves, IF THEY DO NOT IMMEDIATELY REQUIRE THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TO TRANSFER THE FUNDS TO AMBASSADOR WANTA'S CORPORATE SECURITIES ACCOUNT AS INSTRUCTED, THEY BECOME CO-CONSPIRATORS WITH BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TO SECURITIES FRAUD. This may already be the case. Further, if the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] does not immediately investigate this securities fraud, the SEC itself becomes a co-conspirator. The analysis below explicitly states which NASD and SEC regulations have been breached by Bank of New York Mellon, a securities dealer. So the SEC has NO EXCUSE not to investigate this, as it is required to do by Statute, even though, as explained below, a US Treasury Compliance officer who had indicated his intention to report the Bank of New York Mellon to the SEC and to the relevant Legislative Branch committees, was threatened with prosecution for treason under Patriot Acts I, II and II, for giving notice that he intended to fulfil his legal and professional duties in this context. Separately, on his visit to China, Henry M. Paulson, the beleaguered US Treasury Secretary, has been blaming the banks for the non-transfer of the $4.5 trillion to Ambassador Wanta's corporate securities account and once again saying it is not his problem: a posture which, as you can imagine, has gone down in Beijing like a lead balloon. The phrase 'getting his butt kicked' springs to mind. PATRIOT ACT TREASON THREAT AGAINST TREASURY COMPLIANCE OFFICER WHO WAS FULFILLING HIS PROFESSIONAL AND LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES HEAVY HAND OF THE U.S. NAZI BEAST EXPOSES ITSELF By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York: www.worldreports.org. Press NEWS and the ARCHIVE Button on the www.worldreports.org Home Page for 'Wantagate' reports since April 2006. [Note: A new panel giving details of our latest publications as they are made available, has been added]. "ON-THE-BOOKS SLUMP VS. OFF-THE-BOOKS WALL OF 'MONEY' On 29th July 2007, Sunday Telegraph London, unwittingly illustrated the main point that we sought to elaborate in the preceding Wantagate report, namely the 'great gulf fixed' between the 'on-the-books' financial world, and the hitherto free-wheeling, untaxed, money-laundering 'off-the-books' environment. On the one hand, the whole of the upper half of page 5 of its Business Section was devoted to a description of 'The Great Wall of Money' characteristic of 'The New World Order' [sic] in which China, India, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, have expanded almost exponentially since 1997. On the other hand, pages 6 and 7 were devoted to an enormous spread labelled 'The day the stock markets saw red', with the usual photograph of frantic traders going raving mad on Wall Street. Of course, no-one at the newspaper's officers appeared to have asked the question: How come Wall Street and other stock markets were in such deep trouble, when the world (on the preceding page) is awash with a 'wall of money'? That's because of the general ignorance that prevails concerning the 'great gulf' that is fixed between the off-balance sheet world and the on-balance sheet world, and the failure even of the financial press to understand the difference, and thus what is happening. But before we go any further, the lower half of page 5 was devoted, all of a sudden, to an interview with Sir Eddie [now Lord] George, the former Governor of the Bank of England. Like Dr Alan Greenspan, this technical operative, too, has been 'rehabilitated'. We begin with an explanation of this development. REASONS FOR THE 'RESURFACING' OF GREENSPAN AND GEORGE Dr Alan Greenspan was arrested and incarcerated on or around 15th June 2007, as was previously reported. Sir Eddie (now Lord) George, the former Governor of the Bank of England, was arrested on 2nd July, according to our sources. The intelligence concerning the arrest and incarceration of Dr Greenspan was reiterated, reconfirmed by knowledgeable third parties, further reaffirmed by Gold Badge and several Group of Eight intelligence agency informants, and passed to us by the Principals. Information on the arrest of Sir Eddie (Lord) George was obtained from similar sources. In December 2006, Henry M. Paulson, the US Treasury Secretary, was arrested in Germany. Now, with the arrests of Dr Alan Greenspan and Lord George, three major players in this unprecedented global financial, tax evasion and money-laundering scandal have been named as having been taken into custody. In none of these cases, has the arrest been denied, for the straightforward reason that the arrests took place. If they had not taken would have soon known about it. So what has happened recently? While we are led to believe that Sir Eddie (Lord) George was arrested after a 'sting' operation, using PROMIS-type software which can trace 100 transactions backwards, the generic reasons for the arrests of Greenspan and George were that they had been identified as the 'cutout' operatives who were engaged in sabotaging inter alia the Wanta Settlement. Bear in mind also that the two International Court of Justice Judges who are supervising this clean-up are joined by Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor (for the Republican Party) and Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (for the Democratic Party). Contrary, therefore, to assertions from British MI5 sources retailed to us last year that ICJ-related arrests could not take place in the United States, the participation of the two US Associate Justices validates relevant ICJ arrest warrants' application in the United States: hence Dr Alan Greenspan's incarceration, which immediately followed allegations that Dr Greenspan and others may have inserted a glitch into the codes in mid-June, preventing 'payment'. It is understood that Dr Greenspan may nevertheless still have a 'hold harmless' agreement containing a clause guaranteeing him a Presidential Pardon in the event of his being exposed as implicated in Wantagate (which he has been). At some point in the first half of July 2007, the ICJ-linked immunities from arrest were 'extended', accounting for that brief CNN clip of Dr Greenspan in a crumpled suit, and his later 'in-your-face' appearance at events on 23rd July and 27th July. The underlying purpose of these appearances has been to 'stick it to us', since of course no-one, let alone Greenspan and George themselves, can say anything pertinent without advertising that they are complicit in these giga-scams. The same principle applies to Sir Eddie (now Lord) George, who was interviewed on page 5 of The Sunday Telegraph pontificating about the decision by China Development Bank to spend up to 6.5 billion buying shares in Barclays Bank Plc - the institution most closely connected with the Bank of England in highly exotic financial transactions and allegedly in the theft of The Queen's gold. China has 'on-the-books' money, which is like gold dust these days. Anyway, underlying this 'surfacing' of Sir Eddie (Lord) George into the public domain, is the same objective: to 'stick it to us', without anyone, including Lord George, saying anything about the arrest and the reason(s) for it. But there's also another, more important, reason why Dr Alan Greenspan and Lord George have been 'resurfaced'. It is that neither of them would talk at all. Whereupon it was discovered that without their knowledge and technical expertise (both are 'technicians', specialising in borrowing short and hypothecating), closure of the Wanta Settlement and the now huge 'train' of associated transactions, could be jeopardised. So the massively ironic situation has emerged that the two worst perpetrators of this corruption, whom we have had to criticise and expose, are back as though they are 'personae gratae' (which is not actually the case). On the contrary, what has now happened is that their ICJ-linked immunity has been 'extended'. The extension of their immunity is contingent upon performance in respect of the Wanta Settlement. Details of the extension are not known, but the reality is that these two financial technicians (who may or may not have electronic tags) must cooperate, or they will wind up behind bars again. As for Greenspan's possible 'hold harmless' accord (with President Bxsh Jr. et al), if it exists, it only operates after arrest and incarceration, which has to take place (obviously) before the clause would be triggered. Therefore, if Dr Greenspan has such an arrangement (which he does not deserve), he can still be arrested at any time if he strays from his requirement to cooperate: and judging by his wretched appearance on that CNN clip, that cannot be good for an octogenarian. Interestingly, at the end of his interview in The Sunday Telegraph, Lord Eddie George says 'I am a very old man now', which we interpret as a signal that he did not enjoy his spell at her Majesty's Pleasure, and would not relish a revisitation of that experience. ON-THE-BOOKS FINANCIAL ECONOMY IN CRISIS AS PANIC GRIPS THE OFF-THE-BOOKS FINANCIAL ECONOMY SEEKING TO SERVICE ON-BOOKS LOANS WITH 'FIAT' FUNDS The dichotomy of The Sunday Telegraph's hysteria on page 5 concerning the 'wall of money' and its reverse hysteria on pages 6 and 7 over the bottom starting to fall out of Wall Street and other stock markets, perfectly illustrated the insights we elaborated in the preceding report. Offshore, off-balance sheet, off-the books, there is so much untaxed 'fiat money' out there that, for instance, the United Arab Emirates has 'grown' by 225% since 1997, while China has 'expanded' by 131%, India by 146%, Saudi Arabia by 96%, and Russia by 195% (1). Qatar has boomed as a 'fiat money' centre and on the back of the American military presence there. However the 'metropolitan countries' require their citizens to declare their worldwide income for tax purposes, that is to say, essentially to reveal 'source of funds'. Indeed, ever since 1995, when Canada insisted at a Group of Seven meeting that 'source of funds, use of funds' must be the norm in all financial transactions worldwide, those parties who stole, diverted, and then hypothecated the funds owned by Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta held in the accounts of his Title 18, Section 6 USG intelligence corporations, have been well aware that they faced a severe potential problem with the disposition of 'their' 'fiat money' assets. They have no bona fide means of bringing these 'assets' onto the books. Their massive borrowing from banks to finance 'projects' and 'real economy purchases', with these loans being serviced with off-the-books 'fiat' money, jeopardises both the panicking borrowers who have been trying to exit from the bind they find themselves in, as well as the lending institutions themselves. And given the deliberate obfuscation and intermingling of the two 'portfolios' of $27.5 trillion - the Ambassador's funds, and the separate funds borrowed in 1989-92 under George Bush I ostensibly for the purpose of financing the 'global security environment' in accordance with Gorbachev's so-called 'Global Security Project', but which were in reality intended to provide the 'on-the-books' diversionary foil to mask the intended looting of the $27.5 trillion assets of which Ambassador Leo Wanta is the sole Principal - the problem of how to bring off-balance sheet funds onto the books has been all the more chronic. CIA DEMON'S LIES ABOUT WANTA RISE UP TO SLAP 'CRIMS' IN THE FACE But this problem became acute when it became known, in the second half of 2005, that Leo Wanta was not dead, as the CIA and three US Administrations had promulgated to their compartmentalised intelligence cadres and the international financial community, but alive, free from probation, and under an obligation, given the Memorandum Opinion of US District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee dated 15th April 2003, to repatriate the funds of which he is the sole Principal. This Opinion stated that: 'Plaintiff's sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding See Int'l Lotto Fund, 20 F. 3d at 591'. (2). Since, not least, this Memorandum Opinion by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, reconfirmed Leo Emil Wanta's status as sole Principal of his original $27.5 trillion of assets, and since it was now very widely recognised that the CIA and the B-sh I, Clinton, and B**sh II Administrations had deceived the international financial community by claiming that Leo Wanta was dead, a new and dangerous environment has overwhelmed all parties that hold 'assets' and contracts derived originally from Leo Wanta's diverted $27.5 trillion, since it could be seen that any such assets and contracts were illegal and belonged to Leo Wanta himself. SOME PARTIES ACCOMPANY PAYMENT DEMANDS WITH THREATS Complicating the situation further was the existence of the 'mirror' $27.5 trillion which had been raised specifically in order to obfuscate the 'source of funds' and to make it problematical, in the future, for claimants to establish legal claims to any of these 'assets', given the orchestrated obfuscation operation that had been put in place from the outset, as described. Unsurprisingly, a number of compromised US intelligence operatives have been freaking out since we started these reports and investigations, having correctly anticipated that the time would come when their own complicity in the mass stealing and custody of funds derived from assets which had originally been stolen, might be exposed. On top of which a very large number of parties to whom payments had been promised are queuing up for payment - within which army is a known category of recipients who are loudly demanding performance from holders of the highest US offices accompanied by real physical threats which they say will be implemented should such parties not receive satisfaction without further delay. If there is one thing that a mobster cannot stand, it is being double-crossed"- This is only 1/4 of article-read more http://www.worldreports.org/news/73_bank_of_new_york_mel