July 12, 2008 journal, it is more than a mental recession when the airlines cut 20,000 jobs in one day even if John McCain and Phil Gramm has not heard about it, it is very real for those getting the pink slips and cannot afford to buy enough gas to get home. This time it is not the oil industry but the stock manipulators speculating and inflating the price of oil on Wall Street trading it 20 times and never touching it. This is the crazy high economics. Mental recession? Just pull up to the pulp Phil Gramm and you will feel this as physical. Phil Gramm was being considered for Treasury Secretary with his degree in economics, but that has all changed as John McCain is speaking of sending him off to Minsk Belarus Siberia. It was Phil Gramm's Japanese wife that got Congress to deregulate oil futures in the Bill Clinton days as a favor to Enron. Politicians were all falling over each other down in Houston to help Enron and their slush money funds of shady monetary contributions. Phil Gramm is a former United States Senator from Texas, and adviser to John McCain, who says the American people are a bunch of whiners concerning the realistic recession. Phil Gramm said all this to the Washington Times and McCain has to suddenly explain it. With ignorance like this we can safely declare the institutions of higher learning a failure. The New York chief economists on NBC now admitting that the banks are in shambles. It is all collapsing around the necks of the politicians and especially this jerk of president. Iraq has a new deadly weapon against us targeting our troops and the great 'Green Zone'. Iraq has asked us to leave but we refuse to listen. Iran has demonstrated its capability of striking our bases in Iraq if the U.S. or Israel attacks them and Israel most likely will do so soon. These are terrible times and this administration continues to spread fear to get American people resolved to accept more insane war until Devils in hell are trembling. The economy is the life stream of America and it's falling faster than I ever predicted. The collapsing of the airlines and the collapsing of the bank's are just 2 of the industry's that make up this overheated economy and they are all related in one way or another. The housing industry is most likely the biggest collapse of all and we have not yet felt the whole of most of this. We are finally getting rain here everyday now while California is getting hotter and is burning with the worst wild forest fires in their history. Smoke is choking them as the traffic flow is interrupted complicating life in the state of California. We are now seeing and experiencing the collapse of the greatest nation on earth. What is happening to the airlines and banks is happening to every family in America and the end result is total disaster for our way of life. We have brought it on ourselves through pride and greed to name a few as we have been uninformed and complacent thinking, it's OK to be in denial. Wall Street racketeers are actually selling their/our children's blood in what they are doing to this country by jacking up gasoline prices and printing artificial money investing and riding the waves. It is too late now to save it as we have passed the point of no return. One of the signs given, as many are everyday, is the purchase of the Chrysler Building in New York for 700 million by the Islamic nation of Abu Dhabi. In a few short years we have moved from an industrial manufacturing independent nation to a service only nation and now to a servant nation to the bustling economy's and religions of the world. In short, we have been reduced to slaves begging bread from not farmers but foreigners who will require our allegiance to their false God's before we can eat or drink. Think now how we compromised Holy Living for artificial righteousness and permitted the workers of iniquity to invade our standard bearing and rewrite us in artificial morality. Read about us and our religion in Revelation Chapter 16 and verse 16, the great battle of God Almighty, Armageddon where blood will run-up to the horse's bridle, all the enemies of God will be slain. How could we be so blind not to see it coming? Everything we need to know about what is happening and will happen follows in Revelation chapters 17&18 .