July 15, 2008 journal, IndyMacBank largest mortgage lender in California went broke & closed their doors on Friday as they were taken over by the International Federal Reserve. This should be evident of what is happening in the country as banks are all going bellyup. IndyMacBank has $19 billion of people's deposits but that does not matter one bit when they go broke. The poor taxpayer stepped in to run the bank and bear losses, not that it matters one bit anymore. The foreign Federal Reserve is the taxpayers agent for the tax payers money which is not American money, it is foreign Fed money of Federal Reserve. The Fed actually has no reserve but they have things going their way or did have before. The money system in this country is in desperate crisis but the government will cover all banks until the end, so long as the foreign Fed will play the part to loan more fiat money. There are runs on banks now and there will be many more in the days and weeks to come. The FDIC which I can only assume is a leg of the Fed insures all your deposits for up to $100,000 but many customers of the bank have more. They say do not worry, just come in and fill out a form and your money will be available in about 90 days. Every bank in America is basically in the same dilemma and people are really getting afraid to deposit. This sounds like 1929 recordings being played all over again when talking about runs on the banks. I have 2 paintings of runs on the banks and banks collapsing I did about 12 years ago but no one pays attention until it happens to them. It cost the Fed nothing to ensure accounts because they just print more money or authorize more worthless money. We are likely to see many more banks collapse and maybe all of them within this year. Tony Snow dies of colon cancer after serving the president so lying well for 18 months. We are dealing with dangerous people that are very determined to wreck all this nation. We are now seeing the results of this administration's cranky thinking and conservative warriors' faking their way along with secret motives to bring on final battle Armageddon. Glenn Beck interviews Bob Barr on North American Union (yes) on CNN July 11, 2008. Presidential candidate Bob Barr running on the Libertarian ticket says they are purchasing land in Texas for the North American Union corridor from Mexico to Canada and that the triple merger is true. One-hour program. Bob Barr is a former House of Representatives member from Georgia. He is straight & second only best to Rep. Ron Paul for president. Someday the truth will break out. It must be deeply imbedded now in the Israeli Mossad. Truth on nine1one lie, have you seen this-color of fire, building 7 Control Center, United flight 11. This is a believable professional documentary film of facts in the U.S.A. attack. These are desperately wicked people with a hidden agenda and with a demonic mentality. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw2GwRoezsg&NR=1 When will America come out of this spiritual darkness to see the light on the truth that we have been swindled by the religious right and many before them to support a false Israel. If we had revealed the truth back to the SS Liberty attack under Lyndon Johnson it may have helped. We must now face the truth which is bewitched by those with anti Semitic accusation's that mark every voice of truth with death. The Joe Lieberman's and Henry Kissinger's are agents of the banking industry leading us to death in the great Battle of God Almighty, Armageddon. "And He gathered them", we are being gathered for that battle where there is no winners because they are all enemies of God with dark destiny. Israel and its thousand Washington lobbyist have driven us to the brink of disaster. Israel was definitely behind the attack upon America and it is time someone confess the truth. The U.S. Dollar is the worst weapon of mass destruction proven deadly for millions.