July 16, 2008 journal, California's largest lender goes belly up after Senator Schumer questions their sovereignty. B*us*h blames Democrats for high oil prices, what a joke. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson is busy Sunday and Monday bailing out those huge banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the tune of 5 trillion, IndyMacBank at 19 billion. The United States government has to borrow all that money and the taxpayers. The California IndyMaxbank was not on endangered species list and was a surprise to everyone. The government must insure up to hundred thousand dollars for depositors. Still there are many they say that have much more than this in the California bank. One depositor with 260,000 in his account for retirement left the bank today with 180,000. They reportedly were offering fifty cent on the dollar for all over $100,000 on deposit. If it is our money, that is the people's money, why not ask the people for permission to bailout the banks? Because it is the foreign Federal Reserve's money they create at will. The people just pay the interest on it. The day of the dollar is over. Expect more of the same until the entire banking system is finished as 90 banks are on the endangered list. I am surprised at how suddenly things are changing and truth is being revealed in almost every area they thought to have had buttoned up. There is talk of a war crimes trial for the president and VP for the Guantanamo Bay and other torture administration prisons. Someone told me they had watched a free documentary video on youtube.com entitled 'loose change' in revealing the September 01 attack on America as a sham. Suddenly so many have changed their politics from dyed in the wool Republican to be independent. It seems to be the way the nation is changing their mind & John McCain is getting little or no support from the evangelical church. I think John McCain might as well to hang it up and quit the race, this race is looking worse daily and now the New Yorker magazine has pictured Obama & Michelle as terrorist burning an American flag which is desperate. Magazine sales are dropping daily as most businesses locally and nationally are hurting. Websites and videos are focusing now on building 7 saying they set up a homing device placed on secure 23rd floor of Building 7 and secured the windows for a control center. From the beginning I did not believe those hijackers could find their targets with such precision. Now many sites say the same & reveal that building 7 was in the flight path of the towers and that the 23rd floor was secured 2 years earlier and was used as a control room for the approaching aircraft. No plane hit the pentagon at all. After many requests the government finally released a video to CNN saying it was of the plane that hit the Pentagon when in fact it proved that no air plane even hit the pentagon which had been suspected from early on. The filmstrip did show a large explosion but no plane passing through that air space prior to the explosion which shot fire out in the direction the plane would have approached and high up in the air but not the color of jet fuel burning. Most likely the tail section would have gone over the roof and landed in the Potomac. We are losing credibility worldwide as people figure out that this was all a planned event by the Cheney gang beginning back while Bill Clinton was still president "a catastrophic event like Pearl Harbor". I have read their manifesto on line but now it has disappeared and I would sure like to get a copy of it now. It was signed by those dreadful people like Paul Wolfovitz of the World Bank and Bill Bennett, maybe a dozen in all of the axis of evil in the United States government. Confirm this by searching for 'the New American century'. I ordered the book 'The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel-Estulin and it is wonderful in establishing the trend all the way back from Nixon. I cannot lay it down.