July 31, 2008 journal, Mysterious Monuments A new 600 page book of our pagan religious man-made monuments of the many gods we serve by evangelist Texe Marrs. Most of them are very fine Masonic or Skull & Bones religions of the powerful elitist. Encyclopedia of secret Masonic architecture, and Occult places 8-1/2 x 11 large format. There is a big difference between the depression of 1929 and today. In 1929 money was gold and we made 90 percent of our own products here domestically. Today the money is just paper worthless fiat currency and we must have hard currency to purchase everything we need now since we have exported all our manufacturing jobs or at least 90% of them. This week's article by Ben Graydon is written by Mel Stamper on the mob conduct of the president as "Acting like a Mafia Godfather rather than a protector of the Constitution". This is how I feel exactly Ben, enough is enough. There will be no country here for our children and grandchildren. I am about to send out a copy of the articles of impeachment and it must be 50 pages with every page so important to read because Dennis has it right. To my surprise, Pat Roberson just said on TV 700 club channel 16, 12 noon that this financial bill blows the lid off and assures the complete failure of the dollar worldwide. Congress has just agreed to raise the debt limit by one trillion dollars almost or by 10%. Pat says more or less they have stretched it as for as it will stretch-and that this nation is sinking, I say in quicksand. This is the final hour. Pat Roberson expects China to start dumping their dollars and securities. He also blames the oil mandatory dollar trade that allows Wall Street to manipulate the price for profits. The old devil is certainly in control. We're witnessing the collapse of America through the dollar plain & simple and we have no alternative currency to fall back upon. The federal government empowers the states by the currency. Once the currency is dead then the states will all be dead in the water so to speak. There is no way without producing product from natural resources to restore any confidence in a currency. Pat Roberson is an insider trying to protect his billions in cash. I always attributed the prayers of my mother that kept me alive when I was younger and foolish taking chances. I wonder if I can be as great a father as my mother was a mother. The greatest legacy is to leave understanding and pray that someday they will all awaken. The architect of the nine1one is said to be Richard Pearle one of the original Cheney gang and of course Paul Wolfovitz who had control of the World Bank or at least at one time. 21stcenturycicero.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/dennis-kucinich-articles-of-impeachment/ A mild earthquake has rattled California with many aftershocks. Most people expect more. A much larger devastating earthquake may happen anytime in these troubled times when prophecy is being fulfilled. This is an awful evil world of death and destruction. They reported this morning the new massive bank bill will not help one homeowner save their home yet it comes with many attachments that further imprison American freedom. This is just another political stunt and help the banks bill at taxpayer expense of course. President spoke this morning from the porch politically with more propaganda on Iraq. John McCain is a pitiful political wreck blatting out false statements getting Hollywood involved which will backfire on him and the Republican Party rightfully so. I would not lie about anyone running as he is no matter if I like them or not. Republican mentality is to say it and let them prove it is not true, its called Karl Rove politics driving this country to defeat. McCain promised to not be negative but he is the most negative pumping out lies saying Obama will raise your taxes when it is only on the rich corporate executives that he will raise their taxes. For the average household taxes will be reduced & minimum raised.