June 1, 2008 journal, live standing objectors stood throughout the free speak at Furman University in Greenville South Carolina, the mall route was filled with protesters against the war and about 25 faculty members stood up in the open arena during the president's speech wearing T-shirts that said I oppose. Some 20 faculty members refused to attend the graduation event in protest to this president's war policy. The last time George B**h was here was in 1999 and he met his supporters at the Ham House on Rutherford Street as a protester from California dumped a big pile of horse manure in their driveway with his dump truck. He was immediately arrested. These protesters were threatened arrest also. The 11:00 pm news quoted B*s*h showed him saying "I believe in free speech and I am about to give you one". This is his arrogant response to the war protesters even if he saw them along the long mall. There are 2 entrances into Furman University, the front & back entrance. This must be his lie #90,044 because he really does not believe in free speech. I am disappointed that our governor was on site for this event. How could a brilliant man like Mark Sanford stand to associate with such a lunatic idiot? It is enough to make one sick. Nevertheless, Scott McClellan in his new book is taking them apart daily on every talk show and rightly so. He was betrayed and being on the inside he figured out that he was being used to lie for this administration. They are so puzzled at why someone would tell the truth when a lie suits them better. They have no conscious and will never repent. I write this journal so that someday not only my family may read and see the truth but all the world may see & know the truth. There has already been a major landslide in secrets coming out of how defrauded this nation has been with all the war rhetoric and I predict that John McCain will not make it to the November election because he is a living lie and he is confused pushing himself hard to prove himself to believe his own rhetoric and that of this administration who is determined to carry on this fascism until the dollar no longer is at all spending. There is another gold rush to the Colorado River in the West where a teenager panned for hours and finally found 10 worth of gold. That is better than them wasting it gambling in long lost dark miserable Las Vegas. Gold is now $1,000 per oz. Mocking the protesters is a common thing in Washington like Nero fiddling while Rome burned. This president has trashed the Constitution calling it "only a g-d piece of paper". America is said to be spending $1 billion per day on wars and support of foreign nations. The entire election system is unfair and getting worse. Why do so many thousands show- up at the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota today in hot sun to hear Obama speak on changing this broken system even though no candidate has the answers yet until they stop the medical industry from controlling our lives and stealing our wealth. Until we stop the lobbyist and shut down Washington by returning to states rights and to local government. All this hype about Iran sounds like what we heard about Iraq when Pakistan is so fragile. We are giving Pakistan $100 million per month to be our friends but money is running out and Pakistan is not our friend, they are I am sure willing to supply Iran or any other Arab nation with nuclear weapons and if they do not Russia sure is willing, to our total defeat. Who are we kidding with our fear mongering? All hard-core Republicans I know have switched their politics because they will not be fooled again on propaganda and rhetoric. 60 minutes replayed the story of the new ray gun that could stunt people in battle in Iraq rather than kill them but the Pentagon will not deploy it to Iraq because they want their enemies dead. This is the most blood thirsty administration of all-times but it will end. The government is investigating high oil prices with a possible suspect being Wall Street.