June 8, 2008 journal, in the crash of 1929 losers jumped to their death from tall buildings and during the crash of 1987 some committed suicide in the stock business round here. What we are facing today will make all that look like nothing compared to the chaos and anarchy coming. Washington D.C. is being called Baghdad already because of so many killings. The police are using military tactics like Baghdad in blocking off neighborhoods. The accelerating crude oil prices serve to create a false economy on the stock market by keeping the average high when everything else is dropping. Money is moving to buy oil. My daddy lost all his money in the Taylors Bank in the 1929 crash of the stock market. The false phony foreign Federal Reserve was then only 16 years old and this was their way of acquiring all the real estate. It is much this same today as an attempt to acquire. The painting I did in 1996 predicted the collapse of Wall Street and people jumping out. Wall Street continues to preach on savings but what will money be worth with the dollar falling and prices skyrocketing. Cities are going to lose revenue from property values dropping and it will be chaos throughout America. Desperate banks have tripled their service charges for things like returned checks. Meanwhile we have total devastation in many areas of the North West, 27 Counties in Indiana flooded and floods in Iowa and Michigan after dozens of tornadoes sweep through that area. I have never seen such as this and surely it must be apocalyptic. The nation has been chilled by skyrocketing fuel prices with airlines folding daily. They ask the President months ago if he had heard that gasoline may cost $4.00 per gallon soon and he said no that he had not heard about it. Many parts of the country are paying 4.50 to $5 per gallon and diesel over $5 per gallon. CNBC at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time shows the stock report from Tokyo down already 300 points. The stock market is not a true indicator of conditions because it may go out the top like inflation & yet be worth nothing as the price of oil is headed for $150 per barrel and beyond. $1,000 changed to British pounds nets 462 lbs. The Euro now cost $1.57. The price of gasoline in England equates to $9 per gallon because of higher government taxes. On Friday here gasoline jumped 16 per gallon which would nearly wipe out the proposed summertime tax exemption from federal taxes. It is back to horse and buggy days. Big brown came in last at Belmont and surely had a lot of losers. Her legs must have been tired and sore. They should stop slaughtering the horses for European meat. Buy a used thoroughbred for about $200. We are cooking dry at 98 degrees and 100 in Charleston. Central Park is 98 degrees while all this devastation is in progress in the Midwest. Storms grounded 200 flights on Friday in Chicago adding to all of the chaos. I heard on public radio coming home, that a member of the Israeli parliament had leaked the secret that B**h is about to bomb Iran. If he does all hell will break loose and it will be Armageddon. Only God can stop this tyrant and his clone John McCain. I said to a friend that I thought B**h was worse than Hitler and I lost a friend. Now I believe that more than ever. Hitler's brother like Michael Churoff, head of homeland security and Joe Lieberman are just as dangerous as Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfovitz B*sh's man head of the World Bank but was forced to resign after doing female favors was/is one of the gang. Hillary conceded today and glorified the g-a-y's repeatedly in her 30 minute speech and considering Bill Clinton indulged in sodomy in the Whit* Ho*se, it seems she would not mention it. However, Georg* B**h appears to be the biggest queer of all going around kissing man & with his frequent male prostitute. The Republicans have been disgustingly disappointing with so many of them being busted for sodomy. It is definitely the endtime.