June 9, 2008 journal, everybody got a piece of this war pie sliced internationally by this generous administration, the real reason we went to war was to prevent Sodom Hussain from selling his oil in Eurodollars which of course would start an avalanche of defectors from OPEC. The U.S. dollar is backed by oil nowadays and not gold. This is the precise reason now that we are trying to attack Iran is because Iran is about to sell their oil in Eurodollars. Venezuela is also threatening now to sell their oil in Eurodollars. Israel gets to eliminate their neighbors and continue their secrets. The president took off today for a meeting with the European Union in Brussels supposedly to drum up support from them for the war in Afghanistan which was launched on suspicious circumstances as a sudden fear war. Halliburton who is now based in Dubai got the biggest piece of the pie. Jody it is hard to imagine that Greg bottoms made all this up but he did. It hurts me to know that such aggravating lies remain on the Internet such as him saying my wife was with me when I saw the vision when she was not. He states that when I came out of my vision, that my wife was sitting beside me and he says "same old Janette". I do not talk that way about my and do not appreciate him doing a because it is a low blow and out of character. He refuses to play the tapes because they will prove him a liar. I never said anything like that that could be mistaken even for tha, his language is a fabrication and he is a fake and a fraud. One lawsuit would turn him upside down in defense cost alone. I cannot refer to all of the discrepancies. Our collaborations' shown in full with descriptions ae on my website thecolorfulapocalypse.com according to tell all you'll the New York where he spoke that appears under the book in a search for the colorful apocalypse, they say he is writing another book but I do not know the title. deals from Nielsen book scan The reason gasoline is going so high with crude oil $135. per barrel is to save the dollar. a deal was made with OPEC in the '60s by Lyndon Johnson to sell all only in U.S. dollars in exchange fo " r various and many favors to the Arab nations. A conspiracy now to drive the price on oil outrageously high is a last-ditch effort to save the dollar by making it in a higher demand. the United States attacks any country that threatens to break away and to sell their oil in Eurodollars. The US dollar is no longer backed by gold, it is backed by oil. There is no shortage of oil or gasoline and there was not back in the '70s for the oil crisis. The political climate today is that McCain wants major tax cuts for the rich and let the poor fry. Obama wants to cut the average middle-class taxes by $1,000 per family and nearly eliminate the possibility that retired people would need to pay any taxes at all. Pat Roberson stated that Obama just don't get it but that is a racist statement because oh, does get it but Pat Roberson will never give it to him. neither of them really get it or they will not admit it but Pat Roberson's Begin of, on this issue is out of order. Oh, announced today that he wants to send everybody another rebate check of about a thousand dollars. but this is what Pat Roberson is saying he does not get it. I say he does get it and this country is getting the message also. Talk radio 13:30 A M advocates to vote against every incumbent and if I were voting I would because they are late back and let this country go. June 10, 2008 journal, Hallelujah Acres report on the damage sugar does to the body. As the storms continue to destroy Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York State, we continue to be dry as a bone with the lawns and crops perishing for water. The Weather Channel report hist 80 mi. an hour when in New York State and a dam in Wisconsin is expected to break. After houses were swept down the river yes today in Wisconsin with 29 counties flooded being declared a disaster. What does all this mean?