June 12, 2008 journal, making something out of nothing is the political standard of today. I support No major political candidate, it is ridiculous to jab Michelle Obama for saying she was proud to be an American. Anyone jumping on that opportunity is a hypocrite. Fox News is a terrible news network with major bias and are full of vicious falsehoods. A setback for this evil administration with hope restored for the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court today struck down dictatorial power on holding enemy combatants and replaced the Right of Habeas Corpus to the political prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. Thank God for those 5 awful liberal judges who by one vote overturned even Congress. This administration had legalized their illegal activities but the Court restored the rights of foreigners for constitutional protection and the right to be charged and to have a trial. Local elections were held and only the blue bloods voted Republican. President spoke from Germany saying it was the right thing to take Saddam Hussain out but he would have used a different rhetoric if he were doing it again. Ghostwriters continue to comfort the blue blood dyed in the wool Republicans painting a rosy picture of a devastated Iraq. 14 killed in June. It is sad that such rhetoric is printed and that Christian people let an ego maniac kill so many innocent people in their name under their flag. This is standard boilerplate elitist propaganda to support a failed war where the United States Forces has killed a million Iraqis and more than we have counted of our own people. We are paying the ultimate price in the death of this empire. This time around Protestant evangelicals or not going to be so gullible or trusting of the Republican candidate but of course at last, they have their fixed voting machines now with predetermined results Las Vegas brand. Madman John McCain talks on saying different things each time & his statement saying it don't matter when the troops come home has brought on all his statements about the war contradicting each other. Barry Goldwater lost after being painted a wild crazy madman. McCain smiles and takes the credit for the surge saying Iraq is at peace now but when asked then when can the troops come home, he does not know, he responded by saying, that is not important. He said it is only important that troops are not in harm's way. Was it important to rescue him from that North Vietnam's dungeon? McCain keeps getting his foot in his mouth embarrassing the blue bloods and looking foolish. The president visits the Pope to receive his final instructions. Cedar Rapids Iowa is now buried under water. They now call it a 500 years storm. California is on fire and Southeast is extremely dry. Pat Roberson says no nation ever survived advocating sodomy like Sodom & Gomorrah. Rep. Ron Paul is still in the running and will appear at St. Paul Republican convention this summer with 15,000 supporters. The fact that the Republican Party will not listen to him proves that they have missed the mark and are not at all worthy to be a leading party. The hydrogen powered engine I spoke of yesterday would be 100 percent hydrogen and no gasoline. It may get 100 miles on a gallon of water. I can not wait to convert my car Once the kit is perfected it could be converted in four hours to an all water powered car. It produces the hydrogen gas as you drive and is clean burning. This could make America independent of foreign oil. It can be adapted to any size engine even to the 18 wheelers. Lightning came but no rain and we are the driest we have been in a long time at home. Even with the Supreme Court ruling they say it is not going to make much difference in the political prisoners, enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay Cuba where the trials are being held. So long as we have a tyrant for a president but the next president may turn them loose. Time to shut down the hellish Guantanamo Bay prison of torture and death.